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AI-driven software solution and customized services to drive efficiency in industrial operations

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20200402001
Publication Date: 17 April 2020


A French SME has developed a holistic software solution, supported by data science, streaming and processing industrial data through artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. It drives operational efficiency in the industrial operations, in sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, mining, oil & gas, utilities, transport and manufacturing. 
The SME seeks partners interested in using this technology in the framework of a license agreement or a commercial agreement with technical support.


The SME supports industrial companies in leveraging the 4th industrial revolution, optimizing operational efficiency by deploying AI at the heart of industrial and operational sites. 

The proposed data-driven solutions have been developed since 2011 and are now implemented worldwide, with hundreds of algorithms in operation in industrial and operational sites. The French SME is also operating in Singapore and is currently expanding in North America and in the Middle East.

The SME value proposition relies on 3 pillars:

• A triple expertise in software engineering, subject-matter expert engineering and data science.

• A capacity to deploy AI at the heart of industrial sites, through métier applications, regardless of connectivity constraints (from Cloud to Edge)

• A transparent management of intellectual property: algorithms developed or co-developed with partners belong to them. This allows a more transparent and easy to operate scale-up of the solutions within the organisation (from a Proof of Value in a specific production line, to the whole factory and worldwide deployment) and potential monetisation of this work.

Few examples of projects with associated ROI and benefits:

- Reduced scrap rate by 40% by adjusting machine setpoint automatically for extrusion process in a tiers one automotive supplier.

- Reduced over-quality cost by 35% for Vallourec by training a Machine Learning model on historical dataset and developing a subject-expert application recommending quality control output (Integration of physics modelling to qualify 90% of products automatically)

- Ensured availability rate above 98% by assessing the condition of mechanical stairs in railway station at SNCF (French Railways) to comply with the law.

- Reduced baggages lost rate by 30% and maintenance orders by 20% by optimizing maintenance operations for the luggage sorting system at Paris Airport.

- Increased TOTAL's electrical submersible pump's failure detection rate by 3, by analysing more than a hundred of sensors from wells, pumps and other industrial equipment, alerting maintenance operators accordingly.

- Reduced cost of safety monitoring by 70% for ALPERIA penstocks by replacing hardware devices by virtual sensors ensuring remote and sustainable operations

The SME is looking for commercial partnerships, offering license-based subscription to the software and associated services to support sound implementation of those optimisation projects.

The proposed solutions deliver ROI within weeks.

Advantages and Innovations

The SME is uniquely positioned in the industrial sector, benefitting from both data science competencies and subject-matter expertise. A key advantage to develop tools answering to industrial constraints and challenges, related to predictive maintenance, optimisation of processes and quality control, production forecast, anomalies detection, manual intervention reduction, increase of security level...

The SME is agnostic of data sources and is able to integrate all operational data (sensor data, OLE for Process Control (OPC) servers, local databases, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) data, Data Lakes (..) and manual entries) and can thus use this wealth of information to apply machine learning and production optimization algorithms.
The SME also provides the tools to collaborate on these algorithms (check, review, validate) between the field and the office, making optimum use of a company's technical and engineering resources.

As a result, the SME offers an innovative alternative that empowers operators to use their field data to their full potential across different departments, at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

Originally incubated in Mine ParisTech in 2011, the SME was quickly supported by TOTAL Group in its incubation program for the factory of the future. The company later benefited from several accelerator programs both from corporates (ALPERIA 2018, AI@Centech with THALES Group in 2019) and financial institutions.

The SME won several awards in pitch and innovation: SNCF (Grand Paris), VINCI and DB SCHENKER during VIVATECH in 2018 and 2019.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The proposed solutions and services target industrial partners.

Under a license agreement, industrial corporate partners will be able to benefit from the SME's platform, covering the whole data lifecycle, from its collection, its valorisation with AI, and all the way through its deployment in industrial operations, generating ROI within weeks.
The SME can also collaborate in commercial agreement to support its partners in gaining industrial data Science expertise through access to time-limited service offers, answering specific project demands.

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