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A French technology transfer office offers a new device for respiratory assistance for children

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20180907002
Publication Date: 24 September 2018


The French TTO (technology transfer office) is acting on behalf of major hospital and research group of the Paris region that offers a new process for respiratory assistance for children by three-dimensional (3D) printing of a biocompatible device. The French public research centre is looking for a technical cooperation or a license agreement with specialized 3D printers or innovative companies.


A French clinical research team has developped a new device for tracheal intubation especially for children. This research team is represented by a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) established more than 20 years ago.The TTO is responsible for protecting and leveraging the intellectual property generated by a major hospital group in the Paris region. It aims to create the best conditions to bring to market innovative products and services directly from hospital care and clinical research.

Tracheostomy tubes are used for enabling the temporary opening of the trachea in pathological conditions where respiration is not possible. Tracheostomy is often necessary to enable respiration in patients with neurological or neuromuscular disorders, and in particular in children.
However, tracheal intubation induces lesions that result in discomfort and swallowing and voice defects. Tracheal tissue lesions can evolve towards inflammation and/or pseudotumor that may eventually lead to death in the most severe cases.

The proposed technology is based on the 3D anatomical reconstruction of the patient’s trachea by tomodensitometry in order to design custom-made tracheostomy tubes.
The tracheostomy tube is made using extremely accurate modelling by anatomical imaging, which allows subsequent 3D-printing of a biocompatible device. This technique enables the construction of a tube that fits perfectly the patient’s anatomy, and notably children’s anatomy, thus ensuring maximal limitation of discomfort and pain. In addition to securing patient’s better compliance to the tracheostomy procedure.

The partner sought could be a company interested in :
- a license agreement as the TTO is ready to negociate directly the patents rights for specific applications, or
- a technical cooperation agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The existing process consist on lengthening certain parts of cannulas by using specific glues. 
Furthermore, the delivery time of these cannulas could be long.

Advantages :
- suitable to the patient
- quick approach: printable in situ in a few hours.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

Optimized prototype is proposed
Clinical data are available

Requested partner

The partner sought could be:
- a 3D printer and more precisely specialized in the silicone printing, or
- a innovative company to implement this new projetc.

The first tests could be launched on a low cost printing machine.

The TTO is looking for an industrial partner for the commercialization of the technology (under a technical cooperation agreement) or for the use of the patent (under a licence agreement).

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