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A French company developing a simulation platform for autonomous and robotic vehicles and drones is looking for partner’s integrators in automotive, defence and robotics industries for technical cooperation and commercial agreement

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20180215001
Publication Date: 26 February 2018


A French company has developed a realistic, plug and play and hardware-in-the-loop 3D simulation platform to develop and optimize autonomous cars and robotic vehicles. The simulator is an efficient tool for industrial and research and developement laboratories in the field of instrumented, mobile robot or autonomous systems. The company is looking for a technical cooperation and commercial agreement with integrators in industries such as robotic system, defence or automotive.


A French company has developed a platform for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) 3D and real-time simulation to optimize the development of autonomous cars and robotic vehicles. The simulator is a 3D and real-time simulation tool dedicated for industrial and laboratories which work on instrumented and mobile robot: autonomous systems as well as ADAS (Advanced driver assistance systems), autonomous car, tele-operated or autonomous robots and drone. 
The simulator allows users to:
- simulate the behaviours of equipment in realistic or conceptual environment,
- test various algorithms with different random perturbations
- visualize the scene as a whole or through the flows of different cameras
- work on monitoring control systems and interface with another software like SIMULINK, RTMaps, dSPACE, ROS, OpenCV.
- exploit result on real systems with plug and play interface

The simulator fulfils the needs of industrial car manufacturers which work on autonomous car, defence and nuclear sectors working on development of tele-operated and autonomous robot using wheels, track and robotic arm.
The company offers either a technical cooperation or a commercial agreement with technical cooperation for partner’s integrators specialized in the robotic system, defence or automotive industries.

Advantages and Innovations

The simulator technology, patented by the company ensures consistent simulations essential to the development of autonomous vehicles, robots or drones.
The simulator allows first to develop, test and optimize systems virtually; and then to exploit immediately work realized on simulator by exploiting results, without modifications, on real system (plug and play interface)
The environment of the simulation can be conceptual or realistic. For real environment, the simulator offers the possibility to use the modelisation of a realistic and geo-referenced 3D model.
The simulator includes the capacity to work on the perception field with generic sensors or the emulation of real sensors, respecting real communication protocol and media.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for partner’s integrators meeting the following characteristics. 
- operating in the following industries: automotive, defence, robotic system
- Perception of innovation: capacity to handle complex challenges through innovative solutions and technologies.
- Capacity to sell the solution, propose a personalize offers to the customer needs and provide customer support (Training and Service)
- Expertize in robotics, autonomous vehicle or robotic mobile software.

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