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New food processing technology transforming sea products (product and waste) into a ready-to-eat loaf bread

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20160323001
Publication Date: 13 February 2018


An innovative French company has developed a new food processing technology allowing to transform sea products, fruit, vegetables (and waste) and convenience food into a ready-to-eat product base under a form close to an alveolate loaf bread. The company is ready to explore industrial and technical cooperation opportunities with manufacturing and technical agreements under a license agreement with Vietnamese companies of fish and sea food.


This French innovative company has developed a new food technology to transform fruits, vegetables, by-products, into a textured, easy to eat, honeycomb-like sandwich bread.

The technology associated is both novel and cost-effective. The most innovative aspects are the ability to use 100 % of the product, reduce and enhance waste in a new product with a new added-value.

The technology has already shown very positive results for fruits and vegetables (peas, salads, apples).
This processing technology can be also used for meat and fish products.

A short and continuous additive-free industrial process preserves savors and nutritional qualities of finished goods with high tasty and nutritional values.

Target sectors are:
- Food industry of first and second transformation: valuation of farm products in a new state of the material. Simple and developing solution of the by-products.
- Nutritional food-processing industry: hyper proteinate applications, human nutrition for senior and health oriented people.

Main clients are:
- Caterer: original preparations in addition to the range.
- Takeaways: a new gustative and dietary solution for tomorrow sandwiches.
- Bakery cake shop / pastry: premium, similar to macaroons, designed in cooperation with a "star chef".

This company is willing to find an industrial partner for a technological long-term partnership with licensing specifically in Vietnam for sea food.


Advantages and Innovations

- Mechanical process, no chemistry.
- Simple composition, the product offers a flexible texture and flavors of fudge crunchy, from sweet to savory.
- This technology preserved organoleptic qualities.
- Gluten-free solution.
- A feature well suited to snacking market, but also to the pastry (small bites premium) or to protein applications for seniors.
- Low cost production.
- Nutritional quality preservation.
- Finished products of high gustative and nutritional value in a studied display.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The technology has been successfully tested in laboratory, and under field condition using different cropping systems over a two-year period.
This new technology is ready to be industrialized.

Requested partner

Type of the partner sought:
- food industry,
- ingredients manufacturer.

Specific area of activity of the client:
- sea products

Task to be performed by the partner sought:
- implement this new technology in a local food production chain.
- licensing of technology.

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