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Civil works and ground monitoring based on satellite images and machine learning

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20210603002
Publication Date: 4 June 2021


A Spanish SME with large expertise in building data intensive software products provides a solution to exploit (1) satellite or drone taken images, (2) GIS and Intelligent Maps and (3) Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), data gathering and machine learning components, monitor civil works and supervise ground changes accurately.
The company is looking for license, commercial agreements or technical cooperation agreement.


Satellite data offers immense potential for site analysis and monitoring. Every day, millions of images are captured. Computer vision algorithms enable a lot of applications, for example, regular remote monitoring of our ecosystem, providing essential information on the current situation on the ground, as well as on environmental changes, global poverty, urban, agricultural and economic development. The expense of high-resolution satellite imagery and the lack of expertise necessary to leverage this data and develop appropriate use cases prevents many organizations from taking advantage of these insights.

In this context, a Spanish SME, founded in 2012, has developed an innovative solution prepared to monitor images applying computer vision and deep learning techniques. The different components of this solution can classify construction stages (percentage) or identify structures on selected areas and monitor the overall stage of civil works, marine ports or ecosystems reconstruction.

The solution presents the following features:
- Automatic gathering of the best image provider.
- Custom area selection.
- Classification and object detection.
- Business Intelligence.
- Cloud Based SaaS solution.

The main applications where this solution can be useful are:

• Real State. this solution can help to identify and assess potential development sites relying on current and comprehensive data. Using up-to-date satellite imagery as part of this data mix offers a source of visual truth to the decision-making process.
• Efficient farming: this solution can be used to help farmers remotely assess the health of their crops, cut costs on scouting, soil testing, and farm management, and use seeds and fertilizers more efficiently.
• Renewable energy: this solution allows windwill civil works automatic monitoring.
• Territory changes: this solution can be used for detecting significant territory changes such as floods, new buildings or other anomalies.

The company is looking for new international opportunities and increase its collaborations. There is a wide range of potential sectors where this technology can be used: real state, renewable energy, agriculture, forestry, Oil & Gas, Minerals & Mining among many more applied fields upon custom request.
Different types of co-operation are possible: license agreement, technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company will offer his knowledge and technical advice during the deployment of the product in final client. Moreover, the company will assist and collaborate in the implementation of the product according to client’s needs.

Advantages and Innovations

Unlike other similar solutions on the market, this one allows to build the final solution for the customer using the already working SaaS components and specific developments that enhance the desired product and fulfil the company needs.

Furthermore, the following innovations make this solution stand above the rest:
- Automatic selection of satellite images provider.
- Component based solution.
- Customizable needs and data gathering.
- GIS Experts.
- Data and Machine Learning Experts
- Product Managers and Business Oriented approach.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for new opportunities to expand its international business development. Hence, the company is seeking to enter into license agreements, technical cooperation or commercial agreements. The priority is to engage with companies where this technology can help to acquire information from spatial data treatment.

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