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Modular battery pack for sustainable mobility

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20201218001
Publication Date: 18 December 2020


A Spanish company specialized in modular design of battery packs and powertrain for electric vehicles is looking for potential partners in order to apply for European projects focused on electric mobility and sustainable technologies applied to vehicles. They offer themselves as partners or subcontractors in related project proposals under a research cooperation agreement. The company is also interested in a technical cooperation for further development of products/technologies.


A Spanish engineering company specialized in modular battery packs and powertrain for electric vehicles has developed a modular system for battery packs and bespoke powertrain configuration for applications in vehicles.

The company from its motorsport background has over 5 years of experience developing and designing solutions for different leading-edge areas in the automotive field. The company is working in bespoke solutions for vehicles, specially focused on electric mobility and sustainable technologies applied to vehicles. Additionally, it takes advantage of its team background in motorsport for giving an extra in performance and balance of every vehicle involved in the projects which is a part of the company business core.

The design method applied and the modular system of the battery packs allows to achieve global solutions for new designed vehicles and in the electrification of existing vehicles adding a unique flexibility to upgrade, adapt or rebuild the system easily. The path to the electric vehicles and sustainable mobility is following parallel lines among all the manufacturers, developers and research bodies so it ends up in similar but different solutions, the flexible approach gives the opportunity to adapt the company solutions and technology to different challenges and existing developing lines in this market.

The company is looking for public or private bodies in the process of preparing a grant application to European funded programmes, that could be interesting in creating a synergy with this expertise to improve the project proposal. The company is willing to cooperate in any initiative concerning to the new upcoming challenges of the automotive sector under a research cooperation agreement.

The company is also considering the possibility of a technical cooperation in order to further develop a product and/or a technology in the automotive field.

Advantages and Innovations

- The bespoke modular system applied to the battery design allows to optimize the gravity center of vehicles and better avoidance of the undesirable dynamics effects due to battery weight. This also allows to improve the packaging of the powertrain in the vehicles where equipped.
- Universal solution able to be applied for all kinds of vehicle.
- Cost-effective solution thanks to our modular system and flexible approach.
- Solution open to future improvements and additions, this makes also a difference in terms of adaptation and upgrading costs.
- Scalability.
- Developed other sustainable technologies applied to vehicles like air quality monitorization control systems or engine data control and analysis.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

Type and role of partner sought: 
- consortium coordinator or project partner willing to submit a proposal under EU R&D calls for funding.
- organisation interested in a technical cooperation with a view at further developing a product and/or a technology.

Specific area of activity of the partner:
The company wants to talk to partners involved in automotive sector, sustainable mobility, electric powertrains, vehicle dynamics, transport, vehicle prototypes, racing cars, vehicle restoration and custom upgrades.

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