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Keyword management platform to improve and optimise Google ads campaigns

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20200723001
Publication Date: 23 July 2020


This Spanish start-up, specialized in development software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the marketing sector, has developed an innovative and automated platform for in paid search campaigns, saving time and money on the keyword management process of Google Search campaigns. The company is looking for technology companies willing to collaborate under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Currently, the use of digital marketing advertising campaigns are an essential tool for the marketing strategy of the companies. In regards to Google Ads campaigns, these can be a powerful instrument to achieve company’s targets, although these processes have improved considerably, keyword management remains the only manual task in the search advertising space. Search engine marketing (SEM) managers spend too much time in spreadsheets and very little time in strategy.

In this context, this Spanish start-up, with wide experience working on software as a service (SaaS) marketing solutions, has developed a transforming keyword management platform that uses artificial intelligence to improve and scale the daily work in Google Ads, reducing time, efforts and money.

Main Features of the platform are the following:
•Search term analyser (STA) discovers brand new, valuable keywords for Google search campaigns using data from thousands of Google searches. Maximize business opportunities by automatically uncovering keywords that users are searching without doing any of the analysis. It enables the ads to be triggered and displayed based on users’ real searches, including completely new terms in the market. In other words, the platform is able to make campaigns and keywords more exact so the ads can have more impact.
•Improve keyword location: the smart locator feature detects the most relevant ad group for the existing keywords in order to optimize ad relevance, helping improving the quality score and increasing click through rate (CTR). Focusing on factors such as ad relevance, helps to identify areas that need updates or improvements.
•Dynamic search ads locator (DSA Locator) takes the guesswork out of the dynamic search ads (DSA) by detecting the exact search term keywords triggering your dynamic search ads (DSA) to use in the most relevant ad group within your non-DSA campaigns. As Google helps you build dynamic campaigns based on the website content and not individual keywords, there’s a potential for missing out on relevant keywords. Dynamic search ads (DSA) locator improves the keyword relevancy or quality score.
•Negativizer: When humans make a search on Google, they do it in complete sentences. With this feature, ad campaigns will take this into account, helping the client to target long-tail keywords and ensure that you’re always reaching the most precise option. By adding cross-negative keywords, the solution is able to reinforce traffic going to longer-tail exact match keywords, making your ad the best fit out there.
•Duplicate keywords can also have a negative effect on the health of Google Search campaigns. Keyword inflation avoider feature helps you steer clear of bidding on the same search term by finding duplicate keywords and adding them to a blacklist.

Since his creation, this start-up has been improving and developing the platform. With a good network of clients at a national level, now the Spanish company is looking to increase his International position by seeking technology companies willing to collaborate under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages and Innovations

First solution in the market that automates keyword management for Google Ads campaigns, via semantic targeting. It provides automated analysis of billions of searches every day and data driven decisions taking   into consideration hundreds of business metrics. 

It is the only platform on the market capable of creating, managing and optimizing automatically, simultaneously and in real time any online campaign through various tools. Its technology makes it possible to generate hundreds of perfect ads with the highest level of quality, for any platform and in any language thanks to an exclusive technology based on machine learning.

This keyword management platform automates and optimizes keyword management for Google Ads campaigns saving working time and costs. Additionally, it is specially design to find new opportunities using unique language-agnostic tool in order to find golden keyword in any language, considering all the opportunities relevant for the client´s activity. Through this in-house platform the client will have all the performance details: executions, marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) which will help in defining the data-driven strategy.

Having been recognized by Google as the leading keyword management and optimization tool for Google search, the start-up is distinguished as Premier Google Partners.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking to form partnerships with technology companies or ICT integrators related to the marketing or advertising sector, which can have synergies with this solution and could bring value and help to deliver an excellent experience to the end costumer. The partner sought must be willing to collaborate under commercial agreement with technical assistance. The role of the partner sought is to integrate this keyword management platform within its portfolio in order to improve the services provided to its clients.

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