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Stand-alone wind turbine device without blades

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20200713002
Publication Date: 23 July 2020


A Spanish start-up experts in the development of ground-breaking systems for wind energy generation is looking for partners to manufacture small scale wind turbines without blades under manufacturing, technical cooperation or financial agreements, and partners to participate in European programmes. The technology offered is capable to produce clean energy from low speed winds and can be used connected to the grid or as a stand-alone system capable to generate energy in isolated environments.


The Spanish start-up, founded in 2013, developed a wind turbine that generate energy based on the phenomenon called vortex shedding. The idea came from the inventor and founder of the company when observed the effects of the resonance phenomenon on the Tacoma Bridge, in USA. Since then, the company has focussed in the development of a system to harnesses wind energy based on this phenomenon, winner of a SME instrument phase 2 and other international and national prizes. 

The result was a ground-breaking turbine without blades, formed by a few parts without gears, noiseless when it is operating, and with a low impact on bird's population according to a study developed by a relevant environmental organization. The design of the device was performed using simulations in collaboration with partners expert in fluids dynamics modelling and tailored applications, and partners with supercomputing capacities.

The technology offered so far is capable to produce clean energy from low speed winds based on the interaction of the wind and the device (geometrical design patented). The vortices created induce the oscillation of the device in a controlled manner based on the aerostatic resonance phenomena (system patented), movement that is eventually transformed into electricity (alternators under patents). The system is designed to include parts without gears, reducing the operational and maintenance works and costs.

The 2, 75 meters prototype can be used connected to the grid or as a stand-alone system capable to generate energy in isolated environments (road signs, wells in farms, opening of fences in rural areas, lighting of beacons in coastal areas, etc.) and in urban areas (recharging points for bikes or electric cars, streetlights in parks, information panels at bus stops, etc.). The device is capable to provide energy for self-consumption and combined with solar panels (in particular photovoltaic systems) could meet the load demands in a reliable manner.

The company is looking for partners to implement improvements to the device (materials, components, etc.), and test it at different environments or to different applications. The project is expected to length 3 years and the partnership sought is a technical cooperation agreement or a research cooperation agreement to apply to European programmes (i.e. eurostars).

Also, they seeks industrial partners for manufacturing the device in a large series and launching the product to the market, in this part investors are welcome. The partnerships sought are manufacturing agreement and financial agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The device operates at low wind speeds and does not needs of specific orientations. 

Due to its geometry (without blades), the devices can be installed nearby each other’s, increasing energy yield production in a given surface, also making the device suitable to be place in built-up areas.

As the noise when operates is residual, can be integrated in the urban areas.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is looking for a partner (R&D institutes, universities, enterprises) capable to implement improvements in the device or further investigate new applications. The role of the partner sought is to test the device or contribute to improve the final design of the device (materials, components, etc.). The project is expected to length 3 years. The type of collaboration desired are technical cooperation agreements or research cooperation agreements.

The company is also looking for an industrial partner with skills and capabilities in industrial production to establish the manufacturing methodology to eventually commercialise the 2, 75 meters device. The company has already produced the device in a series of 100 items, but to achieve the objective of higher series and launch the product to the market. The type of collaboration sought are financial agreements to finance the mass production and market lunch and manufacturing agreements with partners capable to produce the final product at industrial scale.

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