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COVID19 - Advanced WiFi technology that guarantees security at beaches

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20200609002
Publication Date: 6 July 2020


A Spanish SME active in the field of telecommunications has developed an innovative WiFi technology that guarantees security on beaches. This solution can help coastal municipalities to control crowds on beaches while achieving a better experience for visitors providing WiFi connectivity for them in these spaces. It can also be deployed in other areas like fairgrounds, recreational spaces and city centers. The SME seeks public administrations for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


With the upcoming summer season, there are still many uncertainties about what it is planned for the Touristim Sector. One of them refers to the possible crowds that may occur at beaches. Proper control is required to avoid COVID-19 outbreaks while being aware that most of them will come from visitors from other places.

Saying this, a Southern Spanish SME, specialized in research and development of wireless network technologies, has developed and patented a unique solution, not only for its ability to provide a real-time beach occupancy overview but for its ability to improve user experience, guaranteeing a quality Internet service for visitors who come this summer to coastal towns.

This market application in beaches is based on a novel WiFi technology that is currently being used by more than one million people daily and that many manufacturers and system integrators around the world have adopted to improve the added value of their products.

The base technology is a software that provides intelligence to WiFi networks, optimizing, and adding value to routers and access points (AP) at the speed of software. It creates a fully distributed WiFi network, making each AP an intelligent AP.

Location Analytics is the main feature that makes this tool innovative.

It can collect anonymous information about users who are in determined areas, whether they are connected or unconnected to the network. Moreover, it can be deployed in beaches, ships, downtown areas, fairgrounds, recreational spaces, and in any area where WiFi networks can be installed.

User´s privacy is guaranteed as data remains anonymous. Also, it is not necessary to install any mobile apps that will take up space on devices neither be connected to the network.

Data can be de-anonymized if a user has given explicit permission (by registering) and or if an order is received from the Authorities.

This solution can be immediately installed in all these mentioned locations. In fact, it has already been deployed in similar environments where many people congregate (airports, hotels, railway stations, venues...) and enjoy everyday quality WiFi connectivity.

For coastal municipalities, it means the possibility of accessing a control center in the cloud, accessible from any location, and that can be integrated into any other application that is being used by the network owner, such as the ones for traffic controls, or security cameras.

With this tool (cloud), network owners will be able to locate devices that are present in that network (connected or non-connected). Also, they will be able to see users through heat maps that indicate the density of people in real-time, to set alerts when a given parameter is reached or delimit limited areas (Geofencing), as well as knowing the traceability, that is, where these people have passed and with whom they have come across.

The system scales smoothly, having tested tens of thousands of devices (sports stadiums). Most of the time the monitoring system is simply listening, not transmitting, and therefore the spectrum is not saturated.

The Spanish SME is interested in getting in contact with mainly public administrations but also with other users that could benefit from this technology like airport managers, hotels / resorts, fairgrounds managers. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is desired. The technology would be deployed and implemented according to their specific needs. Technical support for correct use and post implementation will be included as well.



Advantages and Innovations


- It is the only solution in the market -patented-, capable of locating and, as mentioned, of counting devices that are not connected to a WiFi network, a key detail to obtain reliable analytics that respond to the live situation in real-time.

- A WiFi network using this technology is more reliable, offers better performance, is greener, and provides an impeccable quality of service for all connected users and devices. In addition, it provides advanced services for the network owner such as the location and positioning of devices, generation of heat maps, detection of hackers, or management in the cloud.


- Access points using this technology can measure key network metrics, exchange that information with nearby access points, and together optimize radio resources in real-time

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type: Public Administration mainly but also hotels/touristim resorts, fairgrounds, airports and railway stations managers.
Role. They will provide their specific needs and the Spanish SME will fully assist them in terms of implementation, deployment, use and technical support of the technology hereby exposed.

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