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Compact and universal device for extreme macro photography

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20200424003
Publication Date: 25 April 2020


A Spanish Public Research Institution has developed a compact device for macro enlargement photography by stacking photographs, ready to be placed on any work table. It is universal because is configured to use a set of lenses and microscope lenses, so that you can obtain high quality photographs and infinite focus on objects from a size not visible to the naked eye to objects of various  centimetres in size.
Companies from the imaging industry are being sought for license agreements.


Extreme Macro photography is an area of knowledge that is not commercially exploited due to its complexity and scarce available bibliography. Photographing a 2x3mm surface achieves a high resolution print of 400x600mm without false pixels.
The CSIC has developed a compact device (15x40cm base, and 30cm high) and universal, which includes the camera suport with lenses, different surround lighting systems and an inductive motor table for micrometric displacement of the object to be photographed, in addition to the accessories necessary for the taking of any type of object or surface to be photographed. Basically it is a compact and desktop, modular, which has a wide variety of accessories for expansion and adaptation for very different uses. This micro-unit has all the necessary accessories for immediate and instant use (by coupling the necessary accessories) of this technique in any of its application areas: Entomology, restoration of works of art, authentication of documents, jewelry, numismatics, quality control, criminal investigation, etc.
The Spanish research organization is looking for companies that can be interested in this device for being applied in obtaining images with high quality at low cost, under a patent license. The prototype has been tested with different samples as fingerprints, insect, nanomaterials, with excellent results.
The Spanish organization has broad experience in the development of novel devices and in the collaboration with the industry in their development for commertialization.

Advantages and Innovations

- The unit is designed for the use of metrological microscope optics, with a working distance of 30mm, which allows the use of led lighting systems developed for professional lighting control.
- Unit programmed for different configurations of use, different optics, illuminations, and stacks posibility by micrometric movement or by focusing.
- The large objects, of several centimeters, are photographed using an extension module, the full length of the equipment would reach in this case up to 90cm.
- Portable use mode (photography with tripod) available (5X).
- It has been developed by 3D printing technology.
- The prototype has been tested with different samples as fingerprints, insect, nanomaterials, with excellent results

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Companies from the imagen industry (photography, microscopie, medical imagen) interested in the commertialization of this device, under patent license, are sought. The role of the company would be to develop adapt the device for a specific applicacion and commertilize it.

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