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Pacifier with aromatherapy to calm and heal the children

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20191223001
Publication Date: 23 December 2019


Two Spanish entrepreneurs have developed a pacifier for babies that makes them relax and decongest at the same time thanks to a system it incorporates that releases scents. They look for partners in the paediatrics or aromatherapy sector to invest in the project and to carry out jointly the last development stages for a launch into the European market or to detect new applications for the system.


Aromatherapy uses grow year by year, as a complementary therapy or an alternative medicine, that although their healing properties have not scientifically been evidenced, it clearly improves the psychological or physical well-being. 

A Spanish company created by two entrepreneurs has developed a pacifier that incorporates a system to release scents while the babies are using it. The system consists of a ceramic piece holding single-dose capsules of essential oils that are liberated through holes and impregnated in the pacifier. The ceramic piece is placed inside the pacifier and performs the function of essence diffuser, while the baby is using the pacifier it inhales the scents inside it.

The product can be used to relax the children but also with therapeutic uses, allowing them to rest quickly and much better.

The product is in its latest development stages and the entrepreneurs are currently looking for partners interested to invest in the company and/or to support them in finishing the product for its launch into the European market.

Advantages and Innovations

The product combines two functions: relaxing as pacifier and the benefits of inhaling the scents released by the essential oils (breathing, calming, sleeping or stomach aches).

The system is economically competitive and it is easy to use and be cleaned.

The pacifier accomplishes with the Spanish norm UNE-EN 1400 and 1401: child use and care articles – soothers/pacifiers for babies and young children - Safety requirements and test methods according to a technological centre expert in the sector.

Furthermore other studies and tests have been also done by expert organizations:

- Toxicological risk study of several essential oils used for babies
- Study of ceramic pieces
- Marketing plan / Market research

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Partners working in the paedriatics or in the aromatherapy areas are sought in order to establish a financial agreement to invest in the company and/or a technical cooperation agreement to support them in finishing the product for its launch into the European market.

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