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Expertise and upscaling capacities for coatings and nanomaterials applied to buildings' envelopes under H2020 R&D projects

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20191030002
Publication Date: 30 October 2019


A Spanish research institute offers its expertise in synthesis and upscaling capacities of nanomaterials and coatings for both new buildings and retrofitting existing ones by easy to apply methods without modifying the structure of the building. The nanomaterials and coatings provide different functionalities to the building envelopes. In addition, the company has connections with companies in the building sector. They seek consortia working on proposals for H2020 calls for research agreements.


A Spanish non-profit private technological centre has a large trajectory in international cooperation. The centre has coordinated 19 of the total 43 participated European projects from FP4 to Horizon 2020 including LIFE and ECO-Innovation programs. The main R&D fields where the centre develops its activities are nanotechnology, new materials and advanced-environment technologies.

The centre has a great expertise in the development and production of nanomaterials and nano-coatings with advanced properties of coatings devoted to construction sector, which can be applied in both new buildings and retrofitting existing ones providing different functionalities (hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, thermal barrier, decontamination capacity, selective wavelength filter for radiation, antibacterial, consolidation, etc.) to the building envelopes (walls, windows, floors, roofs). In addition, they have worked also in combining different effects for multifunctional purpose coatings. The centre can provide expertise in design, synthesis and upscaling capacities in:

- Coatings with thermal insulation properties.
- Indoor air quality through photocatalytic nano-based coatings active under visible light.
- Self-cleaning effects based on superhydrophilic coatings.
- Antibacterial coatings.
- Additives for phase change materials (PCMs) with nanoparticles for its use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).
- Smart windows materials.

The technology centre is offering its expertise in order to form a consortium with SMEs or research technology development performers (RTDs) related to a range of activities related to energy efficiency and materials for building envelopes in the context of H2020 calls such as the topics DT-NMBP-05-2020: Open Innovation test beds for materials for building envelopes (IA) and LC-EEB-04-2020: Industrialisation of building envelope kits for the renovation market.

Advantages and Innovations

Photocatalytic coatings are based on modified nano based TiO2 in-house produced which are capable to act under visible light and therefore to be applied in indoor applications.

The superhydrophilic coatings are not based on photoactive materials, therefore the activity does not depend on UV activation.
Possibility to use antibacterial fillers in-house developed and successfully tested in commercial coating solutions.

The centre has a wide capacity of synthesis of nanomaterials of diverse compositions based on simple and multimetallic oxides, in this way, they can produce a wide range of materials for application in energy efficiency and building envelopes.

Laboratory solutions that are replicable and can be-upscaled: the capabilities of the centre to reach TRL7 (technology readiness level) regarding nanomaterials production and functional coatings and surfaces is guaranteed by its infrastructure. Their competitive advantage is their high flexibility in production capacity (from tens of grams/hour to kilograms/hour) of nanomaterials counting with several production lines of flame spray pyrolysis synthesis technology (FSP).

In addition, wet-chemistry and coatings production is also developed from lab to pilot scale counting with pilot scale reactors (up to 1000 l), dispersion and wet milling lines; robot and spray booths; dip coating systems and an automated spraying coating line for pipelines.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought:
RTD centres, SMEs and industries.

- Specific area of activity of the partner):
Energy efficiency and building materials and requirements.

- Task to be performed:
Participation as a partner in R&D project proposals with the following tasks:
Definition of technical requirements.
Development of materials.
Modelling and testing.
Regulatory and standard assessment.
Production of training, learning and education resources.

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