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Spanish SME specialized in the development of unmanned vessels is looking for commercial agreements

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20190520001
Publication Date: 10 January 2020


The SME specializes in the development of high reliable and advanced performance unmanned vessels that can be used in a wide range of sectors: 

- Safety and Security.
- Search and Rescue.
- Environmental Control.
- Oceanic Research.

The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and joint venture agreements.


The system is composed by an Unmanned Surface Vehicle, a communications link and a Ground Control Station:

• The Unmanned Surface Vehicle is developed from a commercial boat which meets the requirements of the final application. The standard boat design includes some specific modifications related to the physical configuration and the on-board electronics. The boat is also provided with the unmanned capabilities thanks to the installation of electronics interfaces, on-board software and dedicated communications equipment. On-board payloads (sensors, mechanical equipment, etc.) are defined and integrated according to the application.

• The high bandwidth communications link provides enough capability to send to the Ground Control Station in real time all information gathered by the on-board sensors and the boat telemetries. It also allows to receive the telecommands sent by the GCS. The system has a nominal link and a backup one to ensure a high effectiveness.

The Ground Control Station receives and processes payload data plus navigation & housekeeping boat/engine telemetries. All data are listed and plotted in ad-hoc software applications. Boat position is showed at any time in an electronics navigation chart as well as the position of surrounding vessels.

Advantages and Innovations

Unmmaned Surface Vehicles have important advantages with regard to manned vessels and they are indicated for safety, security, search & rescue, environmental control and oceanic research purposes.

The nature of Unmmaned Surface Vehicles improves and enables users to perform maritime operations in a safe and efficient way, solving the following problems and difficulties:

• Operations in large areas of interest.
• Perform repetitive and tedious operations.
• Keep a high level of safety for the crews.
• All time operations (day/night and bad weather conditions).
• Responsiveness.

The company develops high reliable unmanned systems to perform maritime operations and solve most of the problems mentioned above and more specifically:

• Persistence and long endurance (24-48 hours).
• Programmable paths & tasks allowing repetitive operations.
• Eliminates risks for the crews: all time/situation operations.
• It allows to increase the risk in the operations (no crews on-board).
• Very quick launch and deployment.
• Lower operational cost than manned vessels.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The core of the system has been already developed, integrated and tested. Application will define the final system configuration and design.

Requested partner

The Spanish company, specialized in the development of Unmanned Surface Vehicles is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance, among the maritime and oceanic sectors, specifically those regarding safety, security, search and rescue, as well as environmental control and marine research.

The SME is also interested in establishing joint venture agreements with potential partners.

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