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Smart monitoring solutions for health and agriculture offered to partners for technical, research and services agreements.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20190516001
Publication Date: 16 May 2019


A Spanish company offers a complete set of services for IoT implementation in companies and entities. The IoT solutions, fully integrated, collect and analyse data, finding tendencies and providing valuable information for decision making. Its experts (specialised on big data and software development) will develop the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) test it and bring it to the market.
Partnership sought is a service, technical, research or commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The company is a young SME incorporated in Spain and based in Madrid. It has experience in the full development of solutions, from the early stage of research to the final stage, introducing the product to the market. Its main expertise includes data analysis and the creation of predictive models based on these data, building useful tools adapted to each client. It has successfully developed apps for decision making that are currently on the market. 
The company is expert on technologies such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality, 3D image, IoT, biotechnology, big data and machine learning. As a result, it has been awarded with different grants for projects within the Horizon 2020 Programme:
• INNOLABS Open Call: a project based on the worries expressed by surgeons and anaesthesiologists about the fact that patients do not understand their instructions and do not assume their responsibility. It achieved to create a set of tools to involve and engage patients with their scheduled surgical procedures.
• DIATOMIC Open Call: jointly with a Slovenian partner, a project focused on the improvement of crops’ integral management by means of the use of sensors and IoT technology, helping on the decision making.
The company offers its products and know-how to companies and other organizations interested in solving situations such as:
- Reducing time to analyse information
- Optimising their activities
- Improve their existing technological tools or create new ones adapted to their needs
Desired cooperation:
Services agreement: any company (mainly SMEs) involved with technology, and particularly from health and agricultural sectors.
Research Cooperation Agreement: companies, universities or research and technology centre interested in developing an international research and development project.
Technical cooperation agreement: any company, university or research and technology centre that needs to develop or implement a software to create a predictive model for the analysis of data.

Advantages and Innovations

The company develops software solutions adapted to the client requirements and needs. It offers its clients an innovative solution based on new technologies that are able not only to modernize their infrastructure and processes, but also to reduce costs. The tools developed are fully oriented to control the production from any kind of electronic device, which gives a complete view and effective management of the business, providing optimum control of the processes and activities.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Companies (mainly SMEs, but open to any other one) on health or agricultural sector in need of technical assistance for their development.
- Companies, universities or research and technology centres interested in research cooperation agreements to integrate the technology and know-how offered to develop new projects.

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