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Crisis management software solutions for forest fire

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20190403001
Publication Date: 3 April 2019


Spanish SME geoinformatics consultancy offers services and expertise in geographical information systems (GIS) tools for emergency incident management, this includes dispatching and tracking, real-time operational simulation of the progression and behaviour of forest fires, assessment of fire risk, creation of vegetation fuel maps through novel remote sensing techniques.
Partners interested in cooperation in future R&D proposals are sought under research cooperation agreement.


Spanish company has over 20 years of experience in the forestry engineering field, providing innovative civil protection solutions for the forest fire response and prevention sectors. They collaborate actively with fire agencies and environmental agencies worldwide, providing them with innovative tools and knowledge for the reduction of forest fire risk, and for the real-time operational simulation of forest fire progression and behaviour.

They are experts in the development of GIS software for operational forest fire behaviour simulation, the establishment of fire prevention measures, vegetation fuel mapping, forest fire risk assessment, response actions and training of end-users. They have experience in international R&D projects since 2005.

The company would like to contribute with their expertise in the development of cutting-edge GIS solutions for forest fire risk assessment and operational estimation of fire behaviour in European and international R&D calls.

The enterprise is looking for a research cooperation agreement. Partners should be focused on:
- development of IT (information technology) solutions and services for applying to fire management
- earth observation technologies
- in situ sensors and other technologies related with firefighting


Advantages and Innovations

The company provides cutting-edge technologies for the operational assessment of forest fire behaviour and risk with only a few seconds of processing time, which allows the user to have quick and reliable information for responding to the forest fire incident and answers to questions such as: what areas and infrastructures will be affected at what time?; what will be the estimated behaviour and extent of the fire?;  what is the forest fire risk for a given area?

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Partners sought are academia, research organisations or companies interested in building a strong R&D consortium under research cooperation agreement.

Partners should carry out activities/research related with the crisis management and/or public safety sector or at least their activities/research should be related with these topics.

Specifically, the partners should be focused in at least in these areas:

• Development of IT (information technology) solutions and services to allow the management of the several phases of the emergency cycle, from prevention, preparedness to response and recovery.
• Technology aspects such as earth observation and/or in situ sensors for the automatic detection and gathering and assimilation of real-time or near real-time field information (weather sensors, forest fire behavior sensors, vegetation fuels information, forest fire detection sensors, emergency warning systems, etc.)"

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