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Catalyst and electrocatalyst technology services for Enviromental applications

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20190111001
Publication Date: 11 November 2019


A Spanish SME, focused on the development and manufacturing of cutomisable/made to order catalysts and electrocatalysts, offers its catalytic technologies and solutions for process optimisation and new synthesis related to Chemical Engineering, and Energy Industries.
Covering characterisation, design and scale up (100kg) stages, their expertise is focused on hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysers, and Power-to-Gas processes. Partnerships for research and technical cooperation  are sought.


The Spanish SME was founded in 2008 by former members of a well known national research institution. During its initial stages, licensing, IP acquisition and team-building were crucial. Oriented to the characterization, design and manufacturing of chemical catalyst, they have gained experience and formaly set a group of products and technologies as a process development platform, oriented to new challenges in the fields/areas like sustainable chemistry,  bioenergy, renewables and its particular solutions. 

Based on the expertise in applied catalyst area for energy and environmental industries the company owns a fundamental catalyst portfolio, which serves either for direct application or as a starting point for innovative catalyst development.

Willing to reach new clients and markets as they begin their internationalization, they seek European partners from the chemical and energy industries willing to work under research or technical cooperation agreements on one side or under commercial or technical assistance partnerships on the other.

Advantages and Innovations

Nowadays in the search of new solutions for the energy industry, environmental challenges and requirements are to be taken into account, and for that reason new technological solutions are needed. A wide field of technology applications for these new solutions are to be developed regarding energy compsumption in the actual process of chemical Industries and in the process of energy manufacturing within the energy industries. 
Catalyst and electro catalyst technologies are a field of expertise needed in new developments and optimization of chemical processes and reactions for these two big industries.
As an innovative company their advantages focus on, adapting and optimizing chemical manufacturing processes, being able to develop catalyst or electro catalyst by different synthetic routes giving clients the option to choose under different solutions which can also be scaled up, maintaining the highest activity performed at laboratory scale. Success metrics are client fixed, and scaling up it’s offered under made to order conditions.
Moreover, advantages form the company come also from their expertise and accumulated experience of its r&d team members in diverse catalyst fields:
- CO2 methanation,
- Fischer-Tropsch,
- Ethanol reforming,
- CO-Prox, preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide
- WGS, water gas shift.
- Paraffin’s hydrocracking.
- Sugars and glycerine hydrogenolysis,
- DME, Dimethoxyetane and furfural decarbonylation.
- Biomass valorization.
- PEM (proton-exchange membrane) fuel cells electrocatalysts.
- PEM (proton-exchange membrane) electrolyzer electrocatalysts.

Their proprietary solutions for heterogeneous catalyst.

Their team multidisciplinary, which allows them to offer flexible and creative solutions for difficult and client specific problems.

Their international r&d cooperation activities, and experience in h2020 projects.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The company has propietary solutions already on the market.

Requested partner

The company seeks to introduce its technological solutions through energy and enviromental industry related companies or institutions willing to cooperate under research or technical cooperation agreements or under commercial agreement with technical assistance, partnerships.

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