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Software system for analysis and heuristic optimization for the design of wind farms

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20181003001
Publication Date: 22 October 2018


An engineering research group from a Spanish university presents  a software environment for the design of wind farms. Focused especially on the use of optimization heuristic algorithms to design the location of wind turbines. 

The research group looks for commercial agreements with technical assistance, cooperation agreements or joint ventures.


The heuristic optimization algorithms are a powerful tool for the searching of engineering solutions. Currently, algorithms are being implemented to design the optimal location of wind turbines in marine and terrestrial wind farms. 
To solve this problem, it is necessary to carry out a multi-objective optimization where, in addition to the maximum net power obtained in the farm, others variables such as the cost of the infrastructure have to be considered.
At the same time, the necessary software is being developed to allow algorithms to take into account a large number of constraints and parameters of the farm.

The group looks for companies related to wind farms to reach commercial agreements with technical assistance to expand the software environment for the design of wind farms, cooperation agreements to provide efficient tools for the searching of engineering solutions and wind energy joint ventures to establish their technology in international markets.

Advantages and Innovations

The use of soft computing techniques has been loosely applied to optimize the design of wind farms, and only with a limited set of parameters. Their predictive tools aim to reduce the associated cost in the use of renewable energy technologies when reducing the use of polluting technologies.

Both in a real design as in a first approximation, it is necessary to know the location, so that the results obtained are coherent with the conditions of the place. The variation of the wind speed within the farm, the types of wind turbines to be installed, as well as which zones can or cannot be used for the location of the wind turbines, allow the results obtained by the algorithms to represent a more efficient solution.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The group is looking for companies from the renewable sector who are interested in the optimal location of wind turbines to reach cooperation agreements for collaboration in the implementation of the technology, commercial agreements with technical assistance to provide services in exchange for an agreed retribution or joint venture agreements to expand and get into new markets.

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