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Underwater communications technologies and systems expertise offered to companies

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20180604002
Publication Date: 5 October 2018


An Andalusian University group, focused in underwater (UW) communications technologies and systems, seeks companies involved with underwater communications to help them to develop products/technologies. Also companies who have specific needs of current underwater technologies to develop new solutions and applied them to their main activities. Research&Development or technical cooperation agreement with industrial partners are sought.


The huge range of application of communications technologies and systems in underwater environments such as oil prospecting, pollution control, climate recording, prediction of natural disturbances, search and survey missions, national security and defense, marine biology evolution, fishing strategies, etc… makes the development of the ocean observation tools a great challenge that motivates the whole R&D community.

Currently some of the key lines of R&D in UW are to make information travel further with higher data rates, to increase the bandwidth and to avoid significant losses of signal strength. Also to reduce the energy consumption of underwater devices in order to increase underwater networks lifetime.

This Spanish R&D Group has the aim to provide the adapted expertise, technologies and team of researchers to partners that need to develop current underwater technologies. Composed by high-qualified professors with a large R&D background / experience in the named field and possess deep knowledge on Oceanic Engineering.

They would like to transfer the new knowledge and last results generated by their researchers in UW communications technologies for the greatest private and public benefit. They are ready to optimize the resources of the different stakeholders and maximize the success of cooperation.

They are looking for companies involved with underwater communications in order to reach Research&Development or technical cooperation agreement. Also Companies who have specific needs of current underwater technologies to develop their main activities.

Potential applications:

• Ocean Floor Observation
• Mapping Sea Floor
• Fishing Strategies
• Subsea Archaeology
• Subsea Noise Study
• Oceanographic Data Collection
• Pollution monitoring/detection
• Off-shore oil/gas field monitoring
• Submarine detection
• Loss treasure discovery

Advantages and Innovations

The key advantages of the R&D are the expertise and experience of the researchers who form the group in the main fields of:

- Underwater Communications Network Protocols. They are available to design self-adaptative/organized, energy efficient and highly reliable Underwater Communications Network protocols maximizing performance in the communications between nodes underwater what is interesting for real-time data transmission and monitoring of large areas.

- Underwater Image and Signal Processing and Analysis. They can build and/or develop specific digital imaging analysis tools for underwater applications. Enhance underwater color video and image, underwater video compression and 3D Image are also some of their key advanced skills. Image targets and context reconnaissance.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

New partners are expected to be companies who are interested in developing current technologies in Underwater Wireless Communications. New partners/companies who have specifics needs in their own activity as Underwater Archaeology,  Ocean Floor Observation, Mapping Sea Floor, Fishing Strategies, Subsea Archaeology, Subsea Noise Study, Oceanographic Data Collection, Pollution monitoring/detection, Off-shore oil/gas field monitoring, Submarine detection, Loss treasure discovery.
Research&Development or technical cooperation agreement with industrial partners are sought.

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