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Zipper with automatic coupling creator looks for license agreement

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20180517001
Publication Date: 1 June 2018


A Spanish small startup offers a patented zipper with an automatic coupling system that allows changing the zippers of clothing, bags and footwear in a few seconds without sewing work. This new zippers can be used for changing zippers that have been broken and also to customize the clothes to the tastes of the consumers as the zippers are interchangeable for different colours and types.The small company is looking for zipper international manufacturers interested in a license agreement.


The company is a small start up company that wants to enter into the international market offering its patented invention for license agreement. It is the first international patent they have been applied.

The company has created a system for changing the zippers of clothing, bags and footwear in a few seconds without sewing work, people only must disengage the interchangeable part from the fixed part and insert a new one, joining them using a clip or dovetailing. Each person can buy the zipper that fits their clothes or footwear, to change the broken zippers.

Also, each person can customize their clothes, bags or footwear by changing the zipper with a new zipper with the colors or designs they want for each day.

The price for the buyer could be the same as the traditional zippers because the costs of production are the same.

This type of zippers can interest zipper manufacturers that could expand their business by offering refills of different shapes, colors and designs. They also could offer them to manufacturers of clothes and footwear because the garments must be adapted for this system.

At this moment, there is no one in the fashion market that offers this innovative product.

This technology is registered with PCT International. The Spanish company is offering to a international manufacturing company of zippers the patent for license agreement.




Advantages and Innovations

The main advantage of this zipper is that allows changing the zippers in a few seconds without sewing work, so the replacement of broken zippers is very easy and also for that reason people has the possibility of modifying clothes, bags or shoes at home and they can recover useless garments.
For zippers manufacturers this kind of zippers has the same manufacturing price as a traditional zipper and it has an easy implementation in the production line of traditional zipper.
Manufacturing this product will increase the manufacturer’s product offer and market.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

The Spanish company if offering a license agreement with a manufacturer that has the capacity to manufacture this product and has already established distribution networks. It may also interest a holding company that wants to be a leader in this international sector: zippers.

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