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Tailor-made ceramic formulations for coatings with advanced properties for the energy sector

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20180510001
Publication Date: 20 November 2018


A Basque SME that designs and produces tailor-made ceramic & cermet formulations offers antifouling and corrosion resistant coatings for seawater heat exchanger, high-temperature environments like power generation boilers and for off-shore marine machines. This SME has developed a technology that obtains much better results than conventional coatings sintered at low temperatures. They're looking for partners (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for technical cooperation or manufacturing agreement.


The corrosion and fouling are the main problems for both seawater heat exchanges and in high-temperature environments. The Basque company designs and produces tailor-made ceramic & cermet formulations suitable to be deposited by electrophoretic processes onto diverse base materials. As a result of several R&D projects, a new ceramic coating with high thermal resistance and anti-clogging properties has been developed.

This ceramic coating has quite good properties in general. One of the most promising properties is the excellent chemical resistance in comparison with vitreous conventional coatings sintered at low temperatures, as well as a high thermal resistance. Fume temperatures in boilers at this point can reach 650ºC (1200º F), steam at 300ºC (572ºF) and a metal surface is estimated to be at almost 500ºC (932ºF).

This is very suitable for instance in very abrasive and hot environments (biomass boilers with a high amount of ashes and particles) and for crude oil boilers where the coating has to perform resistance to vanadate attack. Oil fumes in these environments rich in vanadates can also reach temperatures up to 700ºC (1300ºF) and a metal surface is estimated at 550ºC (1000ºF).

The target partners the Basque SME is looking for are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) with whom it can establish a technical cooperation or a manufacturing agreement. These partners would operate as providers for refineries, power generation plants (waste to energy included) and wind off-shore installations. The cooperation foreseen could be in the form of a co-development of a new final product with the advanced coatings, the development of a new version of an existing product in order to meet higher market specifications or carry out feasibility studies with customised tests for a specific application. In addition, it could also be considered a manufacturing agreement in the form of a subcontracting where the Basque SME develops a customised ceramic formulation for a specific application of the partner.

Advantages and Innovations

The technology developed that has already been tested, offers the following improvements in the efficiency of the installations:
• Much longer life expentancy for the tubing
• As ashes do not stick to the tubes: cleaning “shakes” can be reduced if not avoided
• As ashes do not stick to the tubes: Thermal efficiency will remain more constant as ash insulation will not grow, at least not as per nowadays
• As ashes do not stick to the tubes: It might become possible to increase the steam temperature thus increasing the Turbine efficiency
• This coating is also successfully applied to coat Thermocouple tubes made in AISI 310 with a longer life.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

The partner sought has to be an Original Equipment Manufacturer that operates as provider for refineries, power generation plants (waste to energy included) or wind off-shore installations. Its role would be to provide the specifications and/or requirements of the product in which the coating is going to be applied based on the final application. The production facilities to be used during the collaboration will typically be the ones from the partner.

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