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Industry inspection system

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20180319004
Publication Date: 19 March 2018


Industry solutions division of Spanish technology centre is offering its industrial inspection system to companies interested in developing new technologies to control industry production. Using these technology methods allows the control of commercial production in factories and detection of possible production failures.

Partnerships sought are service agreement (mainly in automotive but open to any kind of sector) and research cooperation with any type of entity in the field of industry.


Spanish horizontally integrated technology centre, specialized in offering global solutions to companies, provides them with over 20 years of experience in developments, processes, systems and products. It operates in five economic sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life.

Industrial inspection is a key aspect on industrial processes due to its relationship with profitability, productivity loss in order to avoid economical losses. On each industry, it is necessary to check the products before they leave the production plant, then, it is necessary to anticipate the process before packaging. This inspection started being performed by the staff, taking some random samples trough all production. Having high production rates, it was not possible to continue using this method and automatized methods were developed.

Currently, the industrial automatized inspection methods are able to check one by one the elaborated products, not only randomly selected samples. Optical inspection has been proved as one of the most exhaustive industrial inspection systems in order to gain on quality improvements as they act on real time and are much quicker that the human eye.

Spanish technology centre has broad experience optimising processes and formulations of Industry inspection automatic methods based on commercial vision equipment and interface with the operator for inspection of two quality characteristics: colour/shape and presence/absence. Besides, it has developed a system that can be directly delivered to the client´s premises.

Technology centre’s commercial vision equipment consists of:
- Preliminary reports adapted to client´s needs
- Quality documentation
- Installation and maintenance
- Training methods to client´s staff
- 2 years warranty
- Adaptation to EU regulations
- Inspection operator based on two characteristics: colour and shape and presence or absence.

The technology centre offers its services and know-how to companies interested in:
- Investing in new vision technologies to detect failures on production.
- Investing in their own trademark by avoiding further deliveries of wrong products.
- Investing in techniques that will replace traditional production control.

Partners sought:
- For service agreement are companies, especially automotive industries but also industries in any other kind of sector (industry, food, beverages, tobacco, consumption goods, metallurgy, textile, electronic components, wood, paper…). The expected outcomes from this collaboration are to offer the services and know-how to the interested companies.
- The technology centre is also interested in research cooperation agreement with entities (companies, universities or research and technology centres) interested in developing a project about developing new products or technologies for future calls in Horizon 2020 in the field of industry production. The expected outcomes from this collaboration are to reach research agreements with interested entities.

Advantages and Innovations

Industry inspection systems based on commercial vision equipment represents actually one of the most exhaustive industry production method. It is essential to control any failure that may occur during the production process, specially guided by two quality characteristics: colour and shape and presence or absence of the product.

Using these technology techniques the client avoids time on reviewing the production process and also investing in time devoted to human eye revision, which is much more rudimentary and less exhaustive. In addition, if the company delivers a defective product, both the client and the company will have to invest in time and costs to further replace it and the quality and trust in the company will be put in doubt.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Service agreement:
- Partners sought are all sector industries (mainly in the automotive sector): industry, food, beverages, tobacco, consumption goods, metallurgy, textile, electronic components, wood, paper…
- The type of cooperation and the role of the partner depends on the needs of the company: optimisation of the process, new formulation…

Research Cooperation Agreement:
- Any type of entity: companies, universities or research and technology centres interested in developing an international research and development project in the field of energy.

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