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Computer vision & artificial intelligence applied to real time parking availability and smart surveillance solution for managing on/off-street parking

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20180307003
Publication Date: 7 March 2018


A Spanish SME offers an innovative solution to determine parking availability in open parking spaces using cameras without need of individual sensors. The solution uses advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques to determine parking availability. The solution has been successfully working for the last 2 years in a parking lot in France. They are looking for partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a financial agreement.


A Spanish SME with computer vision and automation solutions for cities based in Barcelona is offering solutions for a wide range of people and vehicle counting, differentiation, and automation solutions using real-time image analysis software solutions and artificial intelligence.

Finding parking space in most cities around the world is a time consuming and frustrating experience for drivers. Having real time information on available parking spaces in different locations of the city or a remote parking lot in a tourist destination can be very useful for drivers saving them time and avoid unnecessary trips and emissions. But calculating this information for outdoor parking areas is a challenge as typically there are no access controls to track the entry/exit of vehicles. The current solutions on the market involve sensors that need to be installed on the ground to detect whether a vehicle is parked or not. This is extremely costly and maintenance intensive considering that there are usually several thousand parking spots in a city. Further, the information that can be provided by these sensors is only limited to parking availability. Additional data like vehicle type or license plate is not available. The challenging environmental conditions like visibility, rain, snow etc. make conventional image processing solutions not very accurate.

The SME has come up with a complete hardware/software solution to address this gap in existing parking solutions in the market using its expertise in computer vision. The solution analyses images from cameras installed at the parking location instantly to determine the available number of parking. The solution can work with images from any type of camera, hence providing flexibility irrespective of the limitations of light, rain, snow, etc. Applying artificial intelligence techniques, the solution can be customized to specific project requirements, hence providing highly accurate results comparable to existing ground sensor based solutions. The company has already implemented a project for a 450 car capacity parking lot of a ski resort in France and is currently working on a second project in a city close to Barcelona. The parking availability data and other necessary information like License Plate information, real time surveillance, etc. can be published on any other mobile or web platforms as required.

The technology is commercially viable and is available for implementation. The Spanish SME is seeking to partner with SMEs and other private or public organisations who are interested in implementing this technology to solve their parking management needs through the following cooperation approaches:

1) The SME is interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance, where a turn-key project will be run for the implementation of the technology. It offers continued maintenance support post project implementation.

2) The SME is currently also looking for external investments with an offer of a minority stake in the company from interested partners. The investment is primarily required from for further international business development and improving the product design.

Advantages and Innovations

This computer vision based system has several advantages over conventional ground mounted sensor based parking solutions.

• Flexibility – this software can process images from any type of cameras depending on the project requirement
• Customized solution – this use of artificial intelligence techniques enables us to offer customized solutions to each project.
• In addition to parking availability, the technology can also recognise number plates, differentiate vehicle types, etc. which is not possible using existing sensor based solutions.
• The solution can also detect security incidents like vehicle vandalism, theft, loitering, etc. and raise alarms; this is a first of its kind in the parking industry
• They can use existing surveillance cameras, hence lower implementation costs are envisaged
• They have achieved very high accuracy of over 95% achieved in their initial project, which is significantly higher than average market standards in computer vision and comparable to sensor based solutions
• It is a complete hardware / software solution suitable for harsh outdoor environmental conditions like snow / rain, etc.
• Interoperable – the solution has been tested for integration into other platforms of parking operators

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The company implemented the first project in 2016 using this solution for a parking lot of a ski resort in France. It is currently implementing a second project in a parking lot of a city close to Barcelona.

Requested partner

1) The Spanish SME is interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance with:

- private companies (e.g. parking operators, smart city mobility solutions providers, amusement parks, shopping centres, airports, etc.) who are interested to commercially procure and implement this solution in the parking facilities they manage directly or indirectly.

- public organisations (e.g. municipalities) looking for parking and on street surveillance management solutions, who are interested to commercially procure and implement solution in the parking facilities managed by them.

2) The SME is currently also looking for financial agreement with international private/public investment firms with an offer of a minority stake in it. The SME is open to further discuss and finalise the terms of this agreement.

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