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3D digital models to collaborate and support full cycle construction projects.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20180302001
Publication Date: 2 March 2018


Spanish technology centre is offering its 3D digital model, technology knowledge and equipment to architectural studios, SMEs on construction sector and other companies under temporary company merger interested in developing new systems on more efficient construction.
Partnerships sought are services agreement (construction companies) or research cooperation in the field of 3D models and their use in architecture or cultural heritage.


Spanish horizontally integrated technology centre is specialized in offering global solutions to companies. It provides them with its more than 20 years of experience in developments, processes, systems and products. It operates in five economic sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life.

The 3D model technique is the development process of a mathematic representation of any tri-dimensional object through a specialized software. The resulting project is called 3D model. It can be visualized as a two-dimensional image through a 3D process or produce a computing simulation of physical phenomena. The model can be also created physically by using 3D impression tools.

Spanish technology centre has broad experience optimising processes and formulations of the 3D model applied to construction process. Besides, it has developed the acquired method in several European projects funded by the European Union (EU).

The technology centre offers its services and know-how to companies interested in:
- Reducing time through the improvement of coordination and management of the information.
- Improving the information quality during all the phases of the 3D model implementation through a full management of the process and exhaustive quality control
- Reducing cost through the prediction of possible failures on the design at the initial phases, before entering to the implementation phase, where the economy impact of modifications of the project would be much bigger.
- An appropriate positioning in front of the Public Procurement European Directive, which allow the 28 Member States of the EU to promote, specify and force to use this kind of 3D model for construction projects and construction funded by the EU.
Partners sought:
- For services agreement are companies, especially construction industries.
- The technology centre is also interested in research cooperation agreement with entities (companies, universities or research and technology centres) interested in developing a project about 3D models and their use in architecture or cultural heritage for future calls in Horizon2020.

Advantages and Innovations

Nowadays, because of the progressive increase of the construction sector, this kind of 3D model is required both in Europe and in Latin America, for example.

This technique allows one specific staff of a construction project (architects, engineers, infrastructure’s owners, etc.), to use the 3D digital models to collaborate and support this kind of projects during the full cycle (since the design until the support during the construction).

As it concerns the 2D traditional plans, within this system, the project data remains coherent at any time for all the interested parties independently of the times that the design will be changed. As a consequence, there will be created more completed infrastructure and construction projects under a more quick, sustainable and economic way.

The 3D model is divided on several steps:
- Level 1: report about specifications about the strategy and requirements to use a 3D model management
- Level 2: Reporting about what the client has to do (structuring and organization of the working team).
- Level 3: Management and technology maintenance reporting, sheets and information structure reports.
- Level 4: report of the follow up of the full cycle of the integrated actions, Intellectual Property rights Management and quality control.
- Level 5: 3D model supporting actions at the final construction process and all the documentation obtained from the construction of the building.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Services Agreement:
- Partners sought are architectural studios, SMEs on construction sector and other Companies under Temporary Company Merger.
- The type of cooperation depends on the needs of the company: to develop the new products, optimisation of the process, new formulation…

Research Cooperation Agreement:
- Any type of entity: companies, universities or research and technology centres
- Interested in developing an international R&D project related to 3D uses in architecture or cultural heritage.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests