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Development of fungal biotechnological platforms for the production of natural products by means of synthetic biology

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20180131002
Publication Date: 31 January 2018


A Spanish biotechnological research organization offers its innovative biotechnological fungal platforms for the production of terpenoid-or peptidic-nature compounds. The advantage of the platforms, versus prokaryotic ones or chemical synthesis, is the production of certain metabolites mainly those naturally occurring in plants. Partners sought are SME,R&D institutions or universities, in order to achieve service agreements or research cooperation agreements to submit to European programmes.


The organization is a Spanish biotechnological private non-profit research institute, founded in 1993, whose main activities are related to molecular biology and microbial biotechnology. The institution keeps close links with industrial research and innovation.

The research organization, with strong background as participant in European projects from different calls, offers its expertise focused on fungal biotechnology and genetic engineering to modify metabolic pathways towards the biosynthesis of heterologous or homologous secondary metabolites. This approach is intended to generate custom biotechnological fungal platforms to produce, by means of fermentation, compounds of difficult chemical synthesis such as terpenoid- or peptidic-nature compounds. This technology allows the increasing of the productivity and reducing costs.

The biotechnological fungal platforms are especially relevant for the pharmaceutical industry, where the production of certain drugs (such as some naturally occurring in plants of difficult extraction and purification), is only achieved by means of chemical synthesis, being a limiting technology due to the requirement of laborious and expensive protocols.

The desired cooperation type would be as member of a European call consortium, where the organization could participate as the developer of biotechnological platforms of industrial interest. After the development of such platforms other partners (e.g. fermentation company) could test them and validate them in terms of yield and the downstream process.
Other cooperation sought are services agreement for the development of fungal platforms for the production of natural products of industrial interest.

Advantages and Innovations

The main advantage of the platform lays on the development of an innovative technology for the production of natural products, with pharmacological properties and of difficult chemical synthesis, by means of fermentative processes. This production is intended to replace the complex, pollutant and expensive chemical synthesis classical process. 

For this purpose, fungal microorganisms will be adapted by biotechnological approach for the production of those metabolites. This represents an innovative aspect, since adaptation of heterologous biosynthetic pathways to fungal platforms, so as they produce the metabolite of interest, represents a challenge from the biochemical and genetical points of view.

For industry is very interesting this technology for increasing the productivity and reducing costs.

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Requested partner

A Spanish biotechnological research organization is looking for academic, research organizations or companies interested on the production of terpenoid- or peptidic-nature compounds, for example pharmaceuticals. The academic and research organizations should have expertise in synthetic biology of fungi and yeasts, whereas the company should have expertise in fermentation and downstream activities.
These partners are expected to participate in the co-development of new drugs under research cooperation or service agreements.

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