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Robots to increase visibility on events.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20171213003
Publication Date: 13 December 2017


Information and communication technology and robotics area of Spanish technology centre is offering its robotics technology knowledge and equipment to companies interested in using this robot to increase their visibility, especially on events. 
Partnerships sought are service agreement with companies of any sector and research cooperation agreement with any type of entity in the field of robotics.


Spanish horizontally integrated technology centre specialized in offering global solutions (developments, processes, systems and products) to companies since 1994. It operates in five economic sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life.

Robotics has to be clearly divided into 2 groups: robotic in the sector of industry and robotics conceived as a service provider.

Spanish technology centre has broad experience optimising research projects on robotics, mainly on service robotics. Mostly, projects are based on mobile robotics with autonomous mobility and in a more complex way, the development of logistic robots specialized on specific functions by covering a huge set of services going to hotel activities to the assistance on rescue services, for example.

The robot offered counts with:
- Specialized staff to control and supervise robot´s performance.
- Production of reports if requested.
- Quality documentation if requested.
- Robot transport service to and from event location.

The technology centre offers its technology and know-how to companies interested in:
- Invest on visibility activities.
- Empower their trademark.
- Invest on robotics technology as the way of auto-promotion.

Partners sought are companies from any kind of sector that can use this robot in promoting events under a service agreement.

The technology centre is also interested in research cooperation agreement with entities (companies, universities or research and technology centres) interested in developing a project for future calls in Horizon2020 in the field of robotics.


Advantages and Innovations

It is globally considered that visibility is basic for a company in terms of gaining market credibility and robots have been always considered as a “friendly and attracting” tool to gain people´s attention, especially on public, events, seminars, etc. Robots can also attract the media. It is tested that, when attending a public event, TV channels (national, regional or local) always pay attention on companies offering their services by this kind of ways, which are different from the conventional ones (brochures, commercial information TV screams, etc.).

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Service agreement:
-Partners sought are industries of any kind of sector interested in using this robot on events for improving their visibility

Research Cooperation Agreement:
-companies, universities or research and technology centres interested in developing an international R&D project in the field of robotics (LEIT-ICT) for further development

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests