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Innovative electric wheelchair that incorporates a lifting mechanism that allows the transferring of the patient

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20170313003
Publication Date: 13 March 2017


A Spanish start-up company, from a technical university focused in developing support devices for disability and elder people, has developed an electric wheelchair that enables to transfer the disabled person without using classic lifts and making low efforts by the caregiver. The start-up is looking for companies interested in licensing and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance,  and/or capital investors for a joint venture.


Transferring disabled persons or dependent elderly persons from a wheelchair to a bed, a toilet, etc., or vice versa, is a complicated task even for several people. This is due to the effort required can lead to serious health problems for caregivers, ranging from muscular pains to lumbago or hernias which lead to sick leave as a result of this activity. The use of support mechanisms, as a cranes or independent transfer and lift systems can reduce the physical effort of the caregivers. On the contrary these systems are expensive and require additional space, in the care room, to manage and store them. And this systems are not can be used in outdoors.

A Spanish company that focuses on design and manufacture innovated support products for the elderly and people with disability or mobility problems has developed an innovative electric wheelchair that incorporates a lifting mechanism, which makes it possible to transfer a disabled or dependent person from the wheelchair to any desired surface, such as a bed, a toilet, a hospital bed, etc. and vice versa.

The device comprises a seat elevating mechanism and a lifting mechanism. The seat elevating mechanism makes it possible to situate the person at the desired height, i.e. at the same height as the surface where disable person must be positioned.

This wheelchair enables the transfer of the disabled person without need to use classic lifts and, in turn, allows the caregiver to execute the movement without making any type of effort. In this way facilitating the personal hygiene of the dependent person and providing greater safety during the transfer, improves the quality of life of the caregivers and of the disabled persons.

Moreover, this device provides advantages over transfer lifts since, on comprising a lifting mechanism included in the chair, it can be used anywhere, both outdoors and indoors, and offers good manoeuvrability in small spaces and lower price than the sum of a wheelchair and a lift. The electric wheelchair simultaneously offers the features of an electric wheelchair and of a transfer lift, with an optimum level of efficiency in both aspects. It also saves a lot of room because the classical lift should not be available.

The company has successfully finished a transference wheelchair prototype and is looking for company interested in license agreement for commercial exploitation and/or investors for joint venture.

The company is also open to a commercial agreement with technical assistance if the interested company has the necessary financial and technical resources to ensure a proper production.

Advantages and Innovations

- Brings together the advantages of electric wheelchairs and lifts mechanisms reducing the costs of having to buy both.  The saving cost is higher than 25%. 
- Can be used anywhere, both outdoors and indoors, and offers good manoeuvrability in small spaces or whenever required.
- Rigid chassis specially designed for exterior and irregular surfaces.
- The transfer runtime is reduced approximately by 50%.
- Reduce de back injuries of the caregivers about 90%. The electric wheelchair allows the caregiver to transfer the user without running the risk of back injuries and/or hernias that appear after a certain period of time using traditional aid devices.
- Drastic reduction of the room's space occupied by disabled caring equipment.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: manufacturing companies for license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or joint venture.
Venture capital firms for joint venture. Business angels. Investors
Specific area of activity: medical device manufacturer, medical equipment, orthopedic materials manufacturer. Venture capital investor and/or seed capital investor in the health sector. Business angels
Task to be performed: license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or joint venture in manufacturing company. Joint venture in venture capital firms, business angels or investors.

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