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Biobased material as a vegan leather alternative

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20210126001
Publication Date: 26 January 2021


A Northern-German spin-off company offers a 100% plant-based material as a vegan and fossil free alternative to leather. Applications are in apparel, furniture, interiors or other leather goods. Commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements are offered to application partners that would like to use this biobased material in their products.


Lignin is what holds all woody plants together, a complex phenolic network in the lignocellulosic cell wall that gives trees and cereals their toughness. The biopolymer lignin can be considered a natural high performance additive with unique features as mechanical reinforcement, UV protection, antioxidation properties, temperature resistance and flame retardant. As a biobased and biodegradable polymer from non-food sources, lignin is an ideal and affordable solution to replace fossil sources and thus a natural alternative to non-sustainable ingredients still used in industries such as cosmetics, food, composites or bio fabrics.

A spin-off of a Northern German University uses the unique and diverse lignin features as well as experts know-how gained in years of university research. The company uses proprietary technology to tailor lignin particles of specific size and porosity to create diverse valuable materials and intermediary products.

The company has developed a 100% plant-based vegan leather. This biobased compound aims to replace animal leather as well as existing fossil based substitutes. The material is a flexible yet durable alternative suitable for diverse applications like
- textiles and apparel
- furniture
- interiors e.g. in automotive industries, aviation or shipbuilding
- any other leather goods

- Can be provided in form of granulates or sheets
- Up to 100% biobased, elastomeric formulation
- Adjustable flexibility, durability, thickness etc.
- Surface texturization and back fabric possible

The vegan leather is field tested and available for demonstration. The company starts own production of customized lignin intermediary products for fabrics/leather applications in 2021.

The company offers commercial agreements with technical assistance on sourcing and delivery of tailored granulates or sheets of this biobased material for specific customer demands. Further, the company offers technical cooperation agreements on assistance in lignin-based product development in the framework of customized application services for textile industries.



Advantages and Innovations

- vegan
- 100% plant-based
- flexible and durable
- tailored to specific customer requirements
- potential biodegradability

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Producers of products that are usually made of leather, looking for a vegan and fossil free alternative with excellent properties tailored to their needs. As application partners contacts are sought to companies related to
- fashion and design
- textiles and apparel
- furniture
- interiors, e.g. in automotive industries, aviation or shipbuilding
- any other leather goods

Two types of cooperation are offered:
Commercial agreements with technical assistance include sourcing and delivery of tailored lignin-based granulates or sheets for specific customer demands

Technical cooperation agreements include assistance in lignin-conform product development in the framework of customized application services

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests