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German SME offers an individualised open source protocol that enables decentralised information exchange according to "Security and Privacy by Design" principles

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20201109002
Publication Date: 13 November 2020


The developed messaging layer of a German SME was designed to promote data sovereignty and zero-trust security environments. With "Security and Privacy by Design" it enables data owners to decide who can access their various data objects. The focus is on the protection of data objects. Each object can be individually encrypted. The solution is provided as an open source application as part of a commercial agency agreement with technical assistence. The German SME helps to implement the software.


The lean messaging library of a german SME is developed with two layers of encryption (transport and end-to-end) so that people, devices, applications and machines can interact without compromising security. It gives each system involved a digital identity to avoid unauthorized access. All connected systems can be addressed distinctly through their digital identity. Data exchange is individually defined and controlled via attributes. Due to these cryptographically secured attributes data misuse is nearly impossible.

The solution is provided as an open source application as part of a commercial agreement with technical assistance. A best-practice case from the health sector is also desired in order to further develop the technology within a technical cooperation agreement. Since the software is individually adapted to the respective customers, the German SME helps with the conversion and implementation of the software.

In case one actor in the system goes down, another party is addressed to „jump in“ and communication continues smoothly. In the decentralised network any party can be reached, even if there is no direct connection. This solution can work throughout different organizations and systems, greatly reducing legislative burdens.

At the same time, communication channels can be governed centrally. This offers high security for and great potential in multi-tenant environments such as the healthcare industry and it opens the door for new collaborative business models.

Advantages and Innovations

The main benefit of the layer's decentralized approach is reliability. The company established a trademark on the name of this software, offering partners unique features. 

- ideal for highly sensitive data communication
- individual data encryption
- solution can easily be added to existing applications
- attribute-based access control for users and enterprises
- reliability in terms of confidentiality, availability, integrity, privacy
- compliance with legal requirements (i.e. GDPR)
- automated discovery of interfaces and partners
- connection of devices, processes and applications, users
- integrated security controls for zero trust environments
- digital identities
- open-source
- decentralizd messaging with centralized governance

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The German company is currently looking either for a user company in the healthcare sector to achieve a best practice case, or for companies in need of a data transfer solution that offers data sovereignty and a zero-trust security environment.

Ideal partners come from industries dealing with highly sensitive data and/or critical infrastructures, e.g. healthcare sector (i.e. medical equipment manufacturer), IIoT (i.e. smart connected robot in production line), office and document management (i.e. accounting services), multi-tenant environments (e.g. facility management in office buildings and hotels).

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