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Machine tools for precision machining of high-performance materials

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20200408002
Publication Date: 20 April 2020


A German company has developed a machine tool based on water jet technology which has its origins in heavy industry and is now applied for the first time to the industrial production of high performance precision parts. Systems engineering is characterized by its significantly higher performance and precision combined with reduced energy requirements compared to conventional techniques. Manufacturing agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.


High-performance materials and the demand for customer-specific products lead to a continuously increasing use of waterjet cutting in the industrial part production. The active principle is based on the acceleration of small grained cutting particles with a high-pressure waterjet to supersonic speed. Up to now, however, the acceleration of particles is connected with a strong loss of energy. Limitations of the manufacturing process are the result.

Therefore, a German company has developed an innovative technology in which the particles can be mixed into the cutting water before the high-pressure is generated and then be accelerated together. This eliminates the above-mentioned energy losses and allows reducing the jet diameter significantly. The process is known as the suspension jet process. The technology increases efficiency and jet stability and opens up new fields of application, such as the processing of brittle materials, sintered technical ceramics, solid carbides or fibre composites.

On the one hand, the company offers its innovative manufacturing capacities under a manufacturing agreement in order to produce certain products more efficiently or use new materials.

On the other hand, the company is interested in selling the technology as a machine manufacturer and is therefore looking for potential buyers within the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance.



Advantages and Innovations

In contrast to the conventional injection principle, the suspension jet works without the presence of air in the cutting jet. Thus, a considerably more powerful jet at a reduced jet diameter can be generated. By reducing the beam diameter down to 0.2 millimetres, it is possible to produce the most filigree, up to now not producible shapes on high-performance materials. 
In additional, the suspension jet technique contributes to the energy efficiency of the entire plant technology due to minimal energy losses during the jet generation. This results in a reduced drive power to generate a water pressure of maximum 1500 bar which is sufficient for the process. In contrast, the conventional injection jet process produces a water pressure of at least 3000 bar with up to 75 percent higher energy consumption. In order to save resources, abrasive material that has already been used can be recycled into the cutting water in a circulation system without the necessity of extensive after-drying.

With its precision, performance and flexible application, the suspension jet extends the spectrum of material-removing production processes and thus enables completely new part geometries in the area of high-performance materials.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

[Manufacturing Agreement]

Manufacturing industry in the field of processing high-performance materials, composite materials, precision and electrical engineering, processing of conventional, difficult-to-machine or brittle materials and many more; Production of small series and prototypes
The partner can use the innovative manufacturing technologies for the improved or more efficient manufacture of its products or for the application of new materials.

[Commercial agreement with technical assistance]

Manufacturers of high-performance components made of high-performance materials, composite materials, component manufacturers for precision and electrical engineering, glass and ceramics industry, manufacturers of parts made of difficult to machine or brittle materials and many more; Production of small series and prototypes

Potential partners are those who are interested in acquiring the technology in the form of a machine to manufacture products more efficiently or to use new materials.

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