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A German provider of blockchain based business solutions offers its expertise in secure data exchange to find business partners for a joint venture agreement, a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20200305001
Publication Date: 6 July 2020


A German provider of services and products in the field of supply chain digitisation and secure cross-company data exchange offers its broad skills and knowledge to apply for research or technical proposals for a joint venture agreement, a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.


The German SME is a solution provider for supply chain digitisation and cross-company data exchange in the manufacturing industry. The company maintains an own blockchain infrastructure upon which secure data exchange between different clients is executed.

The company is already active in several research projects, bringing competences to the table on blockchain infrastructure operation, smart contract programming, Internet of Things and blockchain integration and production digitisation. Therefore, the SME already has extended experience in research projects and would like to contribute to innovative consortia to apply for research projects.

Further, the SME operates with different functional modules and smart contracts for tracking, tracing, data transfer as well as for tokenising to implement business solutions based on blockchain technology. Solutions for effective warranty and claim management are given by providing direct access to supplier data through blockchain technology. The enterprise provides the software to realise the connectivity to corporate IT systems for a seamless integration of different supply chain partners. The same technology is used in a solution for efficient traceability management in the food and beverages sector.

Based on this experience and know-how, the SME is looking for business partners to apply for international research and development proposals.Therefore, the company is interested either in envolving its expertise and knowledge in a joint venture agreement to find a complementary partner or in joining forces and capacities in a research cooperation ageement or a technical cooperation agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The German SME is providing ready-to-use, tested and working code modules for blockchain based business solutions. It provides as well extended experience in different industrial sectors, such as automotive warranty management, tracking of sustainable goods and food & beverages safety.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The potential partner should be interested in applying for international research and development proposals. Intensive exchange of innovative ideas in the field of blockchain based business solution is paramount to this offer.

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