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Effective removal of gas bubbles and dissolved gases from blood

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20191206001
Publication Date: 6 December 2019


A German university offers a new method to degas blood extracorporeally, e.g. during surgery, via a cardiotomy reservoir on microporous hollow fibers. The method is very efficient and allows simultaneous oxygenation of the blood. Licencees are sought.


During the extracorporeal treatment of blood during surgery both gas bubbles and dissolved toxic gases frequently occur. These pose a life-threatening risk.

A German university now offers a solution. Their invention describes a novel cardiotomy reservoir based on the degassing technology of liquids:

It consists of three components: a container as a blood volume depot in which a hollow fiber module is arranged, with the blood flowing through the container along the outside of the hollow fibers and the hollow fiber module having a gas inlet and a gas outlet. The gas inlet and outlet can be connected to a vacuum pump in order to degas the blood and thus avoid air bubbles in the blood. If the gas inlet is supplied with oxygen, the blood can be enriched with oxygen at the same time as being vented if an appropriate oxygen flow is selected.

The invention can be used in the operating theater as well as in mobile applications. The construction is similar to that of an oxygenator and also uses porous hollow fibers and membranes. The use of negative pressure allows gas bubbles and dissolved gases to be removed from the blood very effectively. If oxygen is also added, the solution can also partially take over the function of an oxygenator.

Healthcare companies with activities in cardiac surgery or mobile emergency services are sought for license agreements. Within the collaboration further development is possible.

Advantages and Innovations

•	Higher efficiency in removing gas bubbles  than conventional solutions
• Simpler construction
• Low cost
• Allows simultaneous oxygenation of the blood

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Stage Of Development Comment

The procedure has been verified experimentally. (Technology Readiness Level 5)

Requested partner

The German university offers interested companies the opportunity to acquire licenses for the invention and for further development of the technology, which has been verified experimentally to date. Sectors of interest are cardiac surgery, mobile emergency service providers or generally the healthcare sector.

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