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Sediment management solutions

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20190507001
Publication Date: 8 May 2019


A German company offers very economic and ecologically sound sediment solutions for reservoirs, rivers and other hydraulic infrastructure. It works with specially equipped hydraulic tools. Reservoirs do not have to be emptied during the process. The innovative process is customised to the respective conditions. Reservoir operators or river authorities are sought for licensing agreements.


Every single hydro installation faces sediment aspects. Many suffer from severe sediment problems. Even those that are still working could often improve their performance significantly by minimizing sediment volume and maximizing storage capacity.

Sediment belongs to the river. It protects the river from being cut into its bed by the force of the water. Installing a reservoir changes the natural balance of the river profoundly. The reservoir now keeps most of the sediment, and only a small fraction is sent down the river. The downstream river is affected by erosion. Until now there have been some conventional attempts to try to cope with sedimentation in reservoirs.

Conventional methods are costly and do not really solve the sediment problems. Both sediment extraction and massive flushing create severe ecological damage.

A German company offers a very cost-efficient and ecologically sound solution:
Specially equipped hydraulic tools dredge the compacted sediment, pump it through a piping system and deposit it at the water intake of the hydro facility without blocking the trash rack or transfering it directly downstream. The process is fully automated and works on a permanent, measurable and permanent basis.
The process is the only one so far fulfilling the EU Water Framework Directive on sediment continuity.
The process and equipment are scalable to any dimension. An initial consulting will also provide special solutions for contaminated sediment.

Sediment transport processes are restored in a near-nature way with numerous positive effects on river morphology. The technology is environmentally very friendly. This is why the process is supported by environmental associations.

Partners are sought for license agreements . Partners could be reservoir operators, hydropower companies or river authorities interested in implementing the solution. The German company will support the process and offer the related expert know-how and consulting.

Advantages and Innovations

The process is the only one to date fulfilling the EU Water Framework Directive on sediment continuity.

• compared to conventional methods, operators of reservoirs can avoid plant outages. There is no need to empty the reservoir. There are no generation losses or dumping costs.
• The process is very cost efficient and scalable to almost any dimension.
• The company's initial consulting will also provide solutions on contaminated sediment
• Environmentally friendly process, supported by environmental associations

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Partners are sought for licensing agreements,

Type of partner: Hydropower Companies, Reservoir Operators, River Authorities, Port Authorities

Area of activity of partner: Electricity production, hydropower, drinking water supply, irrigation, utility, technical/environmental consulting, dredging

Tasks to be performed: Equipment installation and operation

The German company will offer consulting regarding the specific sediment problem and support the design process.

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