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Drivetrain integrated DC-DC converter for multiple voltage level vehicles

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20190322002
Publication Date: 22 March 2019


A German university is developing a powertrain integrated DC-DC converter for hybrid vehicles. The new solution has less space requirements and  it weighs less than conventional systems. Thus it results in cost savings. Industrial partners are sought to develop the invention to market maturity within technical cooperation and for license agreements.


Hybrid vehicles of the new generation use two different voltage networks. The starter and other high power components are primarily powered by the higher voltage (48 V) battery. The low power components are mainly powered by a low voltage (12V) battery. A bidirectional DC-DC converter charges the low-voltage battery and, if necessary, also supplies the high-voltage circuit.
This DC-DC converter causes significant additional costs, as well as additional weight and increased space requirements. The constant cost pressure in the automotive industry requires a system for charging both batteries with significantly reduced effort.

A system that is currently being developed at a German university responds to this need.
The university’s novel powertrain integrated DC-DC converter for hybrid vehicles extends the familiar conventional inverter topology for operating the starter with just two power semiconductors and an intelligent controller.

The innovative technology reduces the space requirements, the weight and overall cost of the powertrain and thus has considerable advantages over the previous solutions.

Industrial partners from the battery or automotive field are sought for further development within a technical cooperation and for licensing in order to make use of the technology.

Advantages and Innovations

The innovation lies in the new topology that results in the following advantages:
• Reduction of weight,
• Reduction of space requirement and
• Reduction of costs

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Stage Of Development Comment

Proof of functioning

Requested partner

The university offers technical cooperation to companies that are interested in further development to market maturity. Apart from this cooperation, licenses for the invention as well as the intellectual property rights for using the technology may be granted. 

Potential partners would be from battery or automotive and transport related industry.

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