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Licensee sought worldwide for a trans aortic proximal aortic stent-graft system.

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20190322001
Publication Date: 26 March 2019


Researchers of a German university developed a trans aortic proximal aortic stent-graft [TAPAS-Graft] for insertion into a blood vessel with a proximal triggering mechanism in transaortic approach and with self-expanding prosthesis.
The university offers its new invention for a licence agreement worldwide.


Researchers of a German university established a trans aortic proximal aortic stent-graft system [TAPAS-Graft] for insertion into blood vessels. 
This system is a proximal triggering mechanism in trans aortic approach with self-expanding prosthesis. The minimally invasive method uses a folded prosthesis deployed from the proximal to the distal end. A sheath outer wall of the sheath lies against the prosthesis from the outside and a sheath inner wall lies against the prosthesis from the inside and keeps the prosthesis folded. Moreover the prosthesis is provided with an anchor at the proximal end. The construction of the TAPAS graft provides a compact stent-graft system with a tubular, folded prosthesis that can be delivered through a guide, such as a guiding catheter, which is fixable on the prosthesis via a release mechanism. After complete unfolding of the stent graft the prosthesis can be positioned via a mechanism that guarantees an exact placement of the proximal position. The removal of the entire sheath then takes place retrograde through the lumen of the graft.

Patent applications are waiting to be granted in DE, EP, PCT and US for this new invention. To develop further the TAPAS-Graft and to open up the market the university offers this method for a license agreement worldwide to companies or research institutes engaged in medical or healthcare sector.

Advantages and Innovations

The method is useable in many different medical sectors as aneurysm of descending aorta, a-dissection, endovascular therapy and trans aortal approach. It enables optimal and controlled minimally invasive treatment options and increases the chances of patients´ regeneration. Furthermore the invention is precise, particularly promising and gentle for the patient by minimizing a life-threatening situation.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The new invention is available for demonstration at the university´s laboratory.

Requested partner

The university is looking for cooperation partner for a license agreement under technical assistance worldwide. The partner should be active in the field of health care, medical technology or activities within the medical sector. Furthermore he shall be able to finalize the invention and to bring it on the market. The university offers to carry on negotiations with a partner from the medicine sector, a research institute or a partner from industry.

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