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Innovative IoT technology (hardware and software) for remote patient monitoring and public safety.

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20181109001
Publication Date: 29 November 2018


A German SME has developed an holistic software and hardware platform for remote patient monitoring, emergency communication and other uses in various industries. The SME seeks partners, like medical supply firms or hospitals, as well as partners from other industries, interested in using this technology in the framework of a license agreement.


A German SME active in the field of software and hardware development, has developed an application-based technology focusing on the needs of patients and medical experts in the area of remote diagnosis and treatment. It is a customizable system that can address specific needs according to a partner's technical specifications and branding requirements. It can be used for self-monitoring, or e.g. by medical experts, hospitals, clinics, parents and care takers.

The system offers a holistic solution with integrated sensor and application technology, also permitting the integration of third-party specialized devices. While initially developed for chronic pain management, the system addresses diverse patients' physical conditions from regular monitoring of common vital data (e.g. heart rate, blood pressure, motion, oxygen level etc.) to rare diseases. The device can serve as a gateway for other data collected on the body and does not require a smart phone.

Partners can define which sensors to include. The platform has geo-position and geo-fencing capabilities and offers update over the air, and many other features. Within boundaries partners can determine shape, color and branding of the hardware device. Further, they can specify in which way data are reported, analyzed and visualized on accompanying apps. They can also determine thresholds for sending alerts and notifications.

The system includes VoIP features and allows for real-time communication (video, audio and instant messaging) between individuals and care takers or doctors, children and parents, depending on user settings. In emergency situations the caller's location can be identified and forwarded to the emergency call center (Public Safety Answering Point).

The system integrates latest technologies of deep learning (AI), machine learning and data analytics. The value of the system lies in its customization. While it is currently primarily used for monitoring health conditions it is set up in such a way that it can also be adapted to monitor workplace safety, environmental data, smart city challenges, emergency situations and more. Also, data from third-party devices can be added.

Data privacy and security at European standards are central to the system. Different to other systems, individual users can decide where to store their data, be it in the cloud or on their own or third-party servers.

The company is offering a license to partners who are interested in using the technology in return for a fee. The existing hardware and software will be adapted according to defined specifications and prepared for mass production on behalf of the partner. Support can be provided until serial production.
They are open to partners from all industries to potentially enter other market segments.

Advantages and Innovations

- In 2016, the sensor of the system has won an award for innovative software and hardware ‘made in Berlin, Germany', supported by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).

- The system is widely open to customization for white label brands.

- It is made in Germany, and conforms with high security standards, both in terms of software as well as hardware (advanced security chips included).

- By using the company's technology, partners should be able to reach a price-point well below established niche products.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is looking for distributors and companies with access to medical supply firms, hospitals, clinics and special-care institutions. Potential partners could also be online platforms which offer self-monitoring solutions to end users or media, drug and tech retailers.
Future partners should be interested in buying a license for the customized hardware and/ or software, which they can use under their own label. The company is open to adapt the technology to other customer segments with matching the needs like workplace safety or environmental monitoring.

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