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Innovative bioreactor membrane module for wastewater treatment

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20181018002
Publication Date: 18 October 2018


A German company developed a new competitive membrane module for membrane bioreactors (MBR). Advantages include low energy requirements, long lifetime and low manufacturing costs. Licensees from the wastewater sector interested in commercialization are sought as well as partners for technical cooperation to realize demonstration projects or joint venture partners. There is furthermore an interest in research co-operation.


In the past years membrane bioreactors (MBR) have increasingly established themselves in the market. The relevant market is characterized by a high growth rate. The future-oriented MBR technology will improve water quality and decrease space requirements while the costs remain competitive. However only few membrane modules have to date established themselves for use in large scale technical applications. Thus the growing market is open for new products. 

A company has been set-up in Germany by experts who had previously already been involved in the development of a membrane module for membrane bioreactor applications that is today in place worldwide. They participated in the development of the patent ideas, in the start-up process of the company and in all phases from product design over serial production to worldwide marketing. Based on this experience and the analysis of the membrane modules that are presently on the market, they have developed a novel membrane module with an innovative operation concept for MBR applications. It is among others characterized by low energy requirements, operational safety as well as low production costs. The module has shown a successful “proof of concept” in a pilot scale MBR-plant on a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Germany.
The advantages of the new MBR-module are patented in several international countries successfully.

To date the German company has focused on development only. They are interested in finding cooperation partners, e.g. licensees, who are well-established in the wastewater sector with good distribution structures to set up a sales network for this MBR-module. There is also the possibility to get a production license for the membrane-filters.
Furthermore cooperation partners are sought to realize demonstration projects with the new membrane module in MBR applications within a technical cooperation.
A joint venture could be set-up with industrial partners interested in production and subsequent distribution.
The company is also interested in contributing their know-how in MBR technology to research projects with industrial and research partners.

Advantages and Innovations

The new concept is to offer the following advantages over conventional modules 
• significantly lower energy requirements
• High operational safety, especially against hairs and fibrous material
• robust and blocking free aeration system
• longer lifetime due to less wear
• compatible to main competing MBR-Products: Zenon (Suez), Puron (Koch)

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Industrial partners from the wastewater treatment sector, preferred OEMs to start commercialization with licensing agreement or to set-up a joint venture for production and distribution.
Partners with MBR applications to realize demonstration plants within technical cooperation agreements.
The company would also be interested in joining research projects with academia and / or industry where MBR technology know how is required.

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