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Customised barcode system for management of access to any kind of premises like housing facilities or car parks

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20180625001
Publication Date: 2 July 2018


A Northern German startup developed a practical and secure solution to give temporary access to all kind of premises, based on a customised barcode system. Possible applications are facility management of apartment blocks, parcel delivery, car parks, hotel or campus management. Other applications in access management can be discussed. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are offered by the startup.


A startup from Northern Germany has developed a technology to give temporary access to certain premises based on a customised barcode system. The invention combines a hardware device with a web service. The hardware consists of a barcode scanner with internet connectivity and a processor. It gets installed right next to the existing intercom or doorbell. If a person wants to enter the building/facility, he or she presents a barcode or qr-code. The information is transmitted to the web service, where access authorisation gets checked. This can be done based on a parcel's shipment label and the underlying track-and-trace data, or an access code can be explicitly generated and equipped with the necessary permissions by the owner or manager of the house or car park and transmitted to a smartphone.

The hardware device is very generic and works in combination with every existing intercom. The next versions will be tailored to the doorbells of different manufacturers.

The technology has been developed with regard to the use case of parcel delivery to apartment blocks, ensuring the direct delivery of parcels at the first attempt, without troubling the neighbours. In order to complete all aspects of secure parcel delivery, the company cooperates with several providers of secured package bags which can be affixed to apartment doors as complementary products. In addition, the facility managers can use the system to give access to maintenance, installation or cleaning services. Residents can forward customised barcodes to their guests and may use additional features of the web-platform to communicate within the neighbourhood.

Especially for assisted living facilities the technology could be very useful to give access to care and meal services.

Hotels and holiday homes could use the system, especially if they do not have a 24 hour reception service.

Another promising use case would be access management of car parks and depots. The device can be connected to a gate or barrier to give access to car parks for hotel guests or visitors of companies. Lorry drivers arriving at night could get access to depots. Supermarkets in urban areas could sell their parking space to residents outside of their opening hours.

The technology is currently tested with pilot clients. The company would like to negotiate commercial agreements with technical assistance with future clients from different possible fields of applications. This could be the housing economy, ownership communities, parcel services, car park managers, managers of holiday homes or assisted living projects and others. A combination of revenue shares and device installation flat charge, monthly fees for usage of the web-platform and/or pay-per-use models can be discussed.

Advantages and Innovations

Compared to giving access with tags or transponders, this technology has several advantages:

- Barcodes are not restricted to a physical medium. Instead, they can be integrated into documents or send via e-mail to smartphones.

- Customised access can be given to certain persons for a defined timeframe. Barcodes can be valid for multiple uses or for single entry only. The possibility of the technology to grant selective access on demand is unique.

- This technology lets parcels themselves become temporary keys, closing a missing link in an otherwise gapless transportation chain and enabling new convenient delivery concepts.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

- The company seeks contacts to facility management companies, housing cooperatives and ownership communities of apartment houses that would be interested to install and test the technology.

- Contacts to decision makers from the professional housing industry that could give some first-hand feedback on the product and business model would also be very welcome.

- Partners for projects in other areas of application, e.g. car park management or assisted living facilities, are welcome to get in touch.

- Public institutions like universities, R&D institutions or schools looking for a convenient solution for campus access management are welcome to get in touch.

- The company already established many contacts to parcel and delivery services that gave very positive feedback on the idea so far and are without exception very interested to cooperate. Further contacts from these kind of companies are nevertheless always welcome, though they are not a priority at the moment.

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