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New Vehicle tracking solution digitizing workflows

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20180606001
Publication Date: 6 June 2018


A small German company offers a vehicle tracking solution based on a smart box that can be configured individually and can be integrated into existing technical surroundings. It is robust and compact and provides locations of vehicles, cargo and passengers in real time. Benefits include increased transparency and more efficient digital work processes. Partners from logistics, and other services are sought for implementation within commercial agreements with technical assistance.


Vehicle tracking systems locate vehicles automatically and collect the respective data via a software, so that operators can get a comprehensive overview over the movement of a  vehicle or a fleet. Usually GPS (global positions systems) or GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) are used. Relevant information is displayed then via internet or special software. Various solutions are available. The challenge is to provide accurate data in real time. In times of digitization it is also important to keep up with the latest trends here in order to ensure efficient and transparent workflows.

A small German company offers a new vehicle tracking solution that provides information about the current position of fleets and teams via a combination of sensor data. The system furthermore digitizes workflows.

The system consists of the following three basic components that work together for optimum results:
1. Component for the vehicle, a smart box - a black box or terminal with display, hidden in the bumper.
2. Component for data and user management a web server database,
3. Component for visualization and analysis, a software solution.

Analogue and digital sensors give information on the different variable states of vehicle, cargo and passengers.

The hardware smart box is a robust and compact GNSS/GPRS (Global Navigation Satellite System/ General Packet Radio Service) tracking unit specifically developed for the use in vehicles. The box serves as an intelligent communication platform for complete documentation of entire workflows. It can be configured individually and it can be integrated into the existing technical surrounding. It results in increased efficiency of work processes on site.

The server is the central interface between the mobile units and the viewer (client). It verifies incoming data, stores the data, and organizes the user management. The client software for PC or app for mobile devices manages the documentation and visualization tool of the system. The vehicle location will be in real time and filed with current maps, e.g. it is possible to use Google maps.

The system can be combined with modern radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology or Can-Bus (optional) in order to deal with various additional tasks, such as, control of working hours, petrol usage, location and speed of the vehicles.

Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. The partners would integrate the technology in their services (logistics, facility management, cleaning) with the support of the German company who would assist in customizing and adapting. All relevant know-how will be transferred.



Advantages and Innovations

The innovation lies in the way of combing individual modules so that they are exactly tailored to the user’s individual information requirements and provide the right data for the monitoring and documentation of vehicles, processes and employees. The software is continually developed further to keep up with digitization requirements. 

This leads to the following advantages over conventional solutions:
• More transparency: Provides complete documentation of entire workflows
• More efficient workflow than in conventional solutions - leading to cost optimisation
• Higher accuracy than conventional solutions
• Customer-tailored solutions
• Real time locating

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type of co-operation: Commercial agreement with technical assistance 

Type of partner: Industry, services

Activity of partner: Logistics, facility management, forestry management, cleaning services and others

Role of partner: Implementation of the technology and practical use. The German company will adjust the solution and provide the required know-how depending on the individual requirements, e.g. what needs to be monitored, what sensors need to be installed and how. Examples of monitoring tasks include temperature in car (cooling)? Door opening? Presence of personnel? Path of vehicle? Movement of cargo?

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