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24 hour solar electric energy without conventional battery

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20180605002
Publication Date: 19 June 2018


A German family-owned SME, located in the south of Germany, is working in the field of innovative materials. Over a period of 8 years it has developed a new solar system consisting of photovoltaic and thermal voltaic.  This system is in the position to generate electric energy day and night. Furthermore the system can be applied in areas that have no electric power grid. Partners that want to enter into a research or technical cooperation agreement are sought.


A German independant SME, located in the south of Germany, was founded in 1996 and is active in the following areas: material science, Al-alloys, ceramic materials, micro technology, corrosion science, light weight construction, car body manufacturing, safety systems and green energy.
It has developed a new solar system, which can be especially applied to hot areas. The system has an over night capability and is interesting for islands. The system works with photovoltaic and thermovoltaic. When photovoltaic is used the system reduces the loss of energy at high temperatures.

The system can also be applied in areas where there is no electric power grid.

They are now looking for partners that want to enter into a research or technical cooperation agreement in order to take part in a European R&D project or the technical one for exploring new applications.

Advantages and Innovations

The following advantages and innovations are implemented in the system:
- The solar system is designed to work under high global radiation in high temperature
- A cooling system for the photovoltaic panels which reduces "Voltage drop" by cooling
- A process to define the temperature dependence of the photovoltaic system
- A thermo voltaic system which generates electric power using infrared radiation as well as any temperature differences coming with different weather, changing global radiation, extreme space conditions with changing temperature
- A floating photovoltaic system using water cooling
- No limitation in size
Further topics have been added:
- Swimming solar system for:
- CO2-free energy
- Production of H2-hydrogen gas and O2-oxygen gas
- Cleaning of waste water through O2-oxygen enrichment
- Cooling systems for industry

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

Furthermore ´field tested / evaluated`, ´prototype available for demonstration` and ´under development / lab tested` can be applied.

Requested partner

The partner should have a need for photovoltaic electric energy with extended capability of generating energy at night hours or at areas with high global radiation and high temperatures.

Partners who wish to establish electric energy source at an island with no grid connection and/or to avoid other expensive energy.
In general any application with "physical island" like transport, highway technology and space application.

Partners who look for extended day time electric energy to minimize fluctuations of photovoltaic energy to get a more stable "grid like energy".

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