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A Czech middle size company providing high tech solution for product leakage detection is looking for customers, mainly from Europe.

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Reference Number: TOCZ20210623001
Publication Date: 29 June 2021


The Czech company developing, manufacturing and implementing precise and sensitive testing systems for leak detection, is looking for customers mainly from Europe. The company is well-established and well-known on the Czech and Slovak market and is experienced in international cooperation. The systems have been delivered to various sectors (mainly automotive, electronics) globally. The production companies with such need are sought. Commercial agreement with technical support is expected.


The company was established in 1991 and it employs more than 100 people. The company provides various laboratory testing services. It is also  distributor for analytical laboratory instrumentation, material testing equipment and vacuum and process measurement portfolio of several well-known brands for many years, this activity also includes service and training for users. 

The company also develops, manufactures and sell own high-performance helium leak detection testing systems for product leakage measurement. This activity started in 2009, the company has implemented tens of these systems so far in various countries all around the world (e.g. Poland, Germany, Thailand etc.), mainly in automotive and electronics area. The system can test various products, e.g. Compressors, battery coolers, heat exchangers, fuel tanks or filters, airbag igniters, powertrain parts, brake boosters, pressure regulators, heart pacemakers, infusion pumps. The current customers are Bosch, Mann Hummel, Emerson, ITW or VALEO.

These custom-made systems (stations) are designed for industrial applications in serial production with any degree of automation to ensure proper product quality, safety and performance.

There are several methods used in leak detection. The most sensitive method that is used is so called Helium vacuum integral test. The company is implementing this type of the test method in its testing system.

The company is looking for production companies (factories) with a need of leak testing of (semi)products.







Advantages and Innovations

Main general properties of the company´s testing systems:
­ - High sensitivity – working range 10-2 – 10-10 mbar.l/s.
­ - Flexible modular system adapted to customer specific situation.
­ - Optimized design of a vacuum chamber to meet requirements of customer application.
­ - Any degree of automation efficiently integrated into customer’s production workflow is possible.
­ - Modular controlling system (PLC/PC).
­ - Tailored software easy integrated into existing production environments.
­ - Intuitive visualization ensures easy handling by operator.
­ - CE certification.
­ - Non-destructive testing.
­ - ­Leak testing is a complex topic. Therefore, it can be seen as crucial to be able to provide competent and independent advice and support to to customers.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Company is looking for new potential customers in the area of EU.

Typical customer is production SME or MNE (with more than 50 employees), usually bigger factories with higher volumes production. Customer sought are operating in sectors like a Automotive, Gas equipment, Aluminum casting, HVAC industry, air- conditioning equipment, Electrical appliances (e.g. battery cooling) or Medtech.

Typical first competent contact at the customer site are Quality manager, Process engineer, Production/Manufacturing manager, Technical production manager, Industrial Engineering Manager, Machinery and Maintenance Manager.

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