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Biomaterials research expertise and facilities offered with a view to joining a European project consortium

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Reference Number: TOCZ20190802002
Publication Date: 12 August 2019


A Czech research centre is looking to join a consortium within a European research project. The research team can contribute their expertise in the field of biomaterials. Research cooperation agreement is envisaged.


The Czech research centre is an independent university institute that conducts basic and applied research and development for industrial applications. One of its departments is focused on the development of new materials and deals with the topic of biomaterials, which is the study of biocompatible materials used for biomedical applications. More precisely, the research team focuses on synthesis and characterization of bioactive glass that helps integrate titanium alloy implants into the bone (osseointegration). Titanium implants are porous and bioactive glass is used to fill the pores. The bioactive glass produces calcium and enhances osseointegration. In this field, the research centre also develops bioactive nanoparticles that enhance osseointegration and textured surfaces with suitable morphology for the growth of bone cells. 

As for other topics related to biomaterials, the research team specializes in:
• Laser texturing of titanium alloys and their chemical surface treatment;
• Synthesis of bioactive nanoparticles by laser ablation;
• Synthesis of hierarchically porous silicate-titanium and biological glasses;
• Synthesis of biodegradable double-crosslinked hydrogels reinforced with bioactive nanoparticles;
• Synthesis and characterization of improved hierarchically porous glasses;
• Preparation and detailed description of biopolymers for soft tissue regeneration.

The research team is looking to contribute their expertise in EU research projects and join a project consortium focusing on the topic of biomaterials. Research cooperation agreement with companies or research institutions interested in creation of a project consortium is envisaged.

Advantages and Innovations

• Improved osseointegration of bone cells on the surface of materials
• Better connection between living tissue and implant by a combination of mechanical interlocking and chemical / biological bonding.
• Easy surface modification, tailor-made synthesis, characterization of chemical composition.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

Private companies or research institutions dealing with a research topic in the field of biocompatible materials used for medical applications. Research cooperation agreement with partners willing to create a project consortium is envisaged.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests