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Development and production of control units for the decentralized sewage treatment with the focus on smart home technology

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Reference Number: TOCZ20180606001
Publication Date: 8 June 2018


A Czech family owned SME, a developer and manufacturer of patented solutions, develops control units for decentralized sewage treatment plants with the focus on smart technologies. The company is offering its development and production capacity to companies who need smart, electronic and mechatronic devices. Commercial agreement with technical assistance or services agreement are possible envisaged forms of partnership.


A Czech family owned ISO 9001 certified company is a developer and producer of patented electronic and electro-mechanical components and devices.The main fields of activity are development of control units for decentralized waste water treatment plants and pump stations monitoring utilizing the latest IoT trends such as SMS and PC telemetry applications. The company is located near the German border and collaborates with several market leaders. The synergy of the company´s electronic and software know-how with the partner´s one creates a potential for generation of innovative solutions.

A more detailed overview of development and production activities includes:

- Control units and systems for sewage treatment plants and accessories
- Control units for pump stations and water processing
- Monitoring / telemetry devices and databases via Wi-Fi or GSM
- Electronic and mechatronic projects in general, also containing firmware and software (PC & mobile)
- Electronic hardware development
- Firmware development (8bit to 32-bit real time operating system)
- Software development (Windows, Android, databases)
- 3D construction of electronic and mechatronic devices
- Mechanical processing (including CNC milling)
- Prototype manufacturing & product testing

The company is looking for large companies and also hidden champions in niche markets to offer them a collaboration that might have several options, such as:

- Development according to a specification charging development costs
- Development and manufacturing according to a specification charging no development costs but manufacturing the product over an agreed period
- Development without charging development costs in return to the right to market the product as the company´s own product

The envisaged types of partnership are commercial agreement with technical assistance or services agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

-	Wireless and battery-free float switch (patented)
- Stepper-motor technology at valves for decentralized sewage treatment plants
- Water-level measurement at decentralized sewage treatment plants via pressure sensing at running blower
- Blower pressure monitoring (+/- 15%) via power metering with self-learning algorithm
- Different telemetry systems for decentralized sewage treatment plants

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Manufacturing companies from the following fields:

- Companies, who need smart, electronic and mechatronic devices, preferably including multi-media interface via PC / web / App
- Manufacturers of decentralized sewage treatment plants
- Manufacturers of sewage pumps or pump stations

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