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Used Industrial Oils Reconditioning Technology Saving Money and the Environment

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Reference Number: TOCZ20180403001
Publication Date: 3 April 2018


A Czech SME active in ecology and recycling of waste has developed cost efficient technology for reconditioning of used industrial oils. The technology is 4 - 5 times cheaper compared with currently known methods, it’s TÜV certified and complies with relevant EU standards. The regeneration unit is available both in stationary and mobile versions. The company is looking for operators of machinery or recycling companies for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


A Czech SME whose main activities fall into the area of ecology and recycling of waste has developed cost efficient technology for reconditioning of used industrial oils.

Used oil is a waste material which belongs to hazardous waste. In larger quantities (approx from 0.5 tons) it is bought as a secondary raw material and due to its very low price it is usually used as "energy oil” mainly in combustion (in metallurgical industry, cement industry, local special furnaces). Nevertheless combustion is a very inefficient way of utilizing this valuable material. There are several known methods, e.g. regeneration via refining process in a refinery but they are expensive, which means that commercial efficiency is about zero or even a loss. By using this technology it is possible to recondition used industrial oils repeatedly.

This very progressive method is 4 – 5 times cheaper compared to other methods and offers profitability. Its return on investment is about 2 years depending on actual conditions in a particular country, e.g. different purchase prices of used oils.
The company developed this reconditioning technology in collaboration with its daughter company. The technology is able to regenerate oils from production processes:

- Transformer oil
- Turbine oil
- Hydraulic oils
- Engine (motor) oil

The device is manufactured both in a stationary and mobile version. The reconditioning device comprises of two containers which after their bringing to the operation place are put together into a prescribed position and secured with couplings. Other operation units as a bentonite bin, oil tanks, storage space for chemicals and waste storage are placed according to local conditions. Connection to the local power grid can be solved either by a flexible cord or by setting up a temporary connection point in the close proximity of the containers.

The technology is fully automated and manufactured in compliance with relevant EU standards, and TÜV certified. One device is profitably operated within the company´s own used oils reconditioning operation. Commercial agreement with technical assistance as a way of partnership has been chosen as the company would like to find partners for transferring know how (knowledge of the technological process), provision of assembly of the device and training the staff at the client company. The companies searched for are operators of machinery or companies active in the recycling and regeneration of used oils. Interested companies are invited to the Czech Republic to bring a sample of their used oil to practically verify the method on the existing innovative reconditioning device.

Advantages and Innovations

- Both stationary and mobile version of the device is available.
- As opposed to other technologies this one combines lower energy demands together with the reduced legislative burden required for its launch due to homologation as a "mobile" device.
- Significantly cheaper way of used oils regeneration (4 to 5 times cheaper) compared to existing methods.
- The technology complies with the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy bringing benefits for both the environment and the economy.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type of partner sought:
Industry, Recycling.
Industrial companies - operators of machinery (turbines, transformers, hydraulic systems, motors).
Recycling companies - companies providing recycling and regeneration of industrial oils with regard to the Circular Economy.

Role of partner sought:
Implementing the technology in machine operations; acquisition of the technology for the purpose of providing profitable recycling and regeneration services.

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