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Licensee for short-fibre geopolymer-based composites reinforced with nanoparticles is sought

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Reference Number: TOCZ20170419001
Publication Date: 19 April 2017


Scientists at a Czech university have developed short-fibre geopolymer-based composites reinforced with nanoparticles. The solution offered is based on high temperature resistant composites. The scientists are looking for industrial partners, who are manufacturing composites and are interested in acquiring a license for production. License agreements are sought.


Geopolymers are produced by mixing aluminate and silicate containing minerals or alumina-silicates with an activating highly alkaline solution. As a result a three dimensional network of silica and alumina tetrahedra sharing oxide-bonds is formed. Geopolymers possess mechanical properties which are comparable with materials based on ordinary Portland cement, and they have superior performance regarding heat and acid resistance.

The novelty of the solution offered by the Czech researchers is based on the use of nano-fillers and micro-fillers in the composite. It provides improved mechanical properties compared to competitors and is environmentally friendly. The main advantage is the possibility of geopolymer composites for high temperature applications (up to 800°C).

The technology is suitable for companies involved in the field of construction or energy industry. The technology is ready for manufacturing the composite and is ready for transfer to the industry and mass utilization. That is why the technology developers are looking for a licensee based on a licensing agreement. The subject of the license will be know-how for manufacturing the short-fibre geopolymer-based composites reinforced with nanoparticles.

Advantages and Innovations

- Environmentally friendly material in comparison with a normal concrete, due to lower production temperatures

- Aesthetic and technical performance, compared with normal concrete, due to the possibility of hardening and colouring

- Availability of high temperature applications (up to 800°C) in comparison with normal concrete (only up to 500°C)

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The manufacturing technology for production of the composite is available for demonstration at the university´s laboratory.

Requested partner

Type of Partner Sought:

Specific area of activity of the partner:
Manufacturers or companies involved in the field of construction or energy industry

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought:
The University would like to cooperate with a partner from industry, who would like to manufacture the offered technology based on a licensing agreement.

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