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A joint venture is offered for production of wood and metal processing innovative machines

Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Reference Number: TOBG20190808002
Publication Date: 8 August 2019


A Bulgarian inventor has created an innovative machine. It can be used for welding in steel/ metals and wood. The machine is easy to maintain and works with welding tapes without necessity to cut exactly at 90 degrees.It is ideal for workshop use and on-site welding operations due to its size.The Bulgarian inventor would like to find partners for joint venture agreement for production, using the developed technology and know-how. Sale of the know-how/ technology is considered as well.


A Bulgarian inventor in the field of technology improvement and manufacturing solutions has created a machine for welding saw blades that has numerous advantages and potential. The machine will be helpful in the wood and metal processing. After several years of hard work this machine is already developed and  is a serious competitor of leading world manufacturers. It is a completely new development and it does not copy nodes and details from other manufacturers of such machines.

This high-performance machine is compact, easy to maintain and use. It works without additional consumables, has low energy consumption and ensures high strength of the welded strip.

All this can make the machine one of the world market leaders. The design and the electrical part can be designed according to the customer request and the national standards in force.

The company is looking for international producers for development of joint venture for production of the machine. The partners should also be ready to invest financial resources for this purpose. Potential partners are all companies specialized in the development and production of welding equipment and machines.

The company is also open for discussions with interested partners for sale of the know-how and its technology. The Bulgarian inventor could provide additional support services.



Advantages and Innovations

Main advantages and innovative aspects are:

- a new innovative method
- low production cost
- easy to use
- 100% guaranteed welded strips
- lightweight and compact
- very reliable - does not show any defects
- easy to maintain
- welding tapes without necessity to cut exactly at 90 degrees
- works without additional consumables
- low energy consumption and high strength of the welded strip

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Type of the partner: All potential partners are international SMEs specialized in the development and production of welding equipment and machines. 

Role of the partner:
1/ Under Joint venture agreement - along with the Bulgarian inventor to develop a new entity for production and sale of the machines. The partner should be ready to invest financial resources.

2/ Under Commercial agreement for sale of the know-how and its technology - to request acquisition of the production technology

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