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Mixed reality training system for dynamic future digital trends foreseeing

Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Reference Number: TOBG20181214001
Publication Date: 21 December 2018


A Bulgarian academic research group has developed a prototype of a mixed reality training cyber-physical environment, combining virtual, real and augmented worlds.  A multimodal biometric set of psycho-physiological parameters is monitored, stored, analysed and stimulated in a test bed training environment. The idea supports foreseeing analysis towards the new digital Society 5.0 development plans.The research team seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance or services agreement.


The Bulgarian research institute has broad experience in the ICT field with successfully implemented projects on national and international level with R&D and business partners.

Proactive understanding of the digital future dynamic transformation is of significant importance for economics, security and social sectors, including their successful and resilient development. In this context it is important to establish a suitable test-bed mixed reality environment. The presented approach is combining both human perceptions and novel technologies in a new hybrid mixture. The trainees' interactions in this mixed environment are monitored by embedded multimodal data sensors (monitoring: heart rate variability, galvanic skin response, brain activity, temperature) and intelligent software solutions.

The proposed solution provides a flexible experimental mixed cyber-physical environment that is combining both commercial-off-the-shelf and ad-hoc developed products. This assures deep and multilevel human-in-the-loop involvement. Achieving comprehensiveness at this level of abstraction is obtained by adding a set of physiological (peripheral and central nervous systems connected to portable monitoring and data storage) and psychological trainees’ responses (attention, memory capacity or other related to the behaviour, cognition and emotional states) with suitable analytical representation. Further selected stimulation modalities (both audio-visual and electrical) are added for proactive achievement of the selected / desired states, directly connected to the experimental environment training subjects’ capabilities.

Final results multiple-assessment approach is developed for successful futuristic prognosis of the environment bottlenecks. A special emphasis is given to the future human factor behaviour and cognition evolution towards the new digital age selected scenarios landscape progress.

The research team is looking for technological cooperation with interested stakeholders, SMEs and other interested parties under commercial agreements with technical assistance and services agreements in order to introduce in practice, validate and commercialise the presented training system.

Advantages and Innovations

- the proposed training system offers a new method for  comprehensive assessment of innovative mixed digital realities 

- it provides multi-criteria estimation of adversaries, opportunities, divides and challenges with both direct and indirect human-in-the-loop proactive role.

- the innovative aspects are related to both mobile biometrics measurements and multimodal stimulation in a mixed cyber-physical environment.

The obtained results are processed using a specially developed for the purpose methodology, which provides effective and proactive evaluation of the mixed cyber-physical environment.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: interested stakeholders, both SMEs and large companies;

- Specific area of activity of the partner: industrial partners in the field of security, training of personnel for work in extreme conditions, advanced scenario analysis;

- Task to be performed: the research team is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance or services agreement in order to introduce in practice, validate and commercialise the presented training system.

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