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Innovative modular sea and ocean wave electric power generator.

Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Reference Number: TOBG20180919001
Publication Date: 19 September 2018


This Bulgarian SME has developed unique new concept of modular sea and ocean wave power generator. It uses kinetic and gyroscopic force of sea waves to produce electric energy. 
The generator is environmentally friendly, non-harmful, does not endanger biological species;
It produces electricity from waves and no additional power source is needed.
The company seeks partners interested in joint venture agreement, Commercial agreement with technical assistance or financial agreement.


This Bulgarian SME is situated in North-east of Bulgaria and is working in the field of renewable energy sources and marine technologies.

The power generator is to be positioned offshore in shallow waters, fixed to sea bottom. The technology allows small generators to be built for urban household purposes with maximum generated power of up to 100 Kw per unit, while for SME or other enterprises bigger power supply are envisaged with combined power capacity up to 5 MW, where in this case a group of up to 50 separate units will be combined.

The power generator has focused on maximizing reliability whilst minimizing lifetime costs, with a key factor being ease of deployment and maintenance. This has resulted in a simple, robust and reliable electric power generation.

This highly efficient sea wave’s electrical generator is projected to be positioned on shallow sea waters with depth from 15 to 500 m, to be fixed with sea bottom and generated electricity to be delivered to shore based substation by special underwater isolated power electrical cable. This conception will provide great opportunities in utilization in remote urban areas, close to shore and for SME located in such areas.

The performance of the modular sea and ocean wave power generator is proven at substantial number of technical, mechanical and electrical calculations backed up by a significant body of detailed academic and theoretical research, and showing superior performance to other marine renewable energy power generators. In the near future tests of real prototype in 1:10 scale are planned in the Hydro and Aerodynamics Centre at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Varna, Bulgaria.

The innovative design allows it to be optimized to work in any sea/ocean location in the world.

The team has an impressive engineering and business pedigree covering fundamental research, marine energy, manufacturing, electricity networks and energy markets. The objectives of this innovative power generator is to present conceptual idea for eco- friendly efficient sea and ocean wave’s electrical generator, to be used for renewable energy generation purposes, which could be regarded as an eco-innovative technology, friendly to the environment and therefore a production technology which contribute to preservation of eco–systems and environment as a whole.

The expected outcome is such efficient generators to be used widely in remote living communities close to seashore where comparatively high energy prices for grid provided electricity exists or electricity supply itself is not quite reliable. The Innovation project also will provide good business opportunities to SME’s and other companies directly involved in production of the innovative generators.

Potential application of the power generator
It can be used by
- Fishing farms and mussel fields;
- Coastal Guard;
- Electric boats can be loaded or used as a charging station for drones;

The partnership is offered in the form of commercial agreement with technical assistance, financial agreement or joint venture agreement.

A variety of commercial and joint venture partners are sought, but those looking to apply their expertise to the marine energy sector (or to broaden their role in marine energy) are of particular interest. The ability to invest, finance or bring private equity in the innovative modular sea and ocean wave electric power generator would be a significant advantage.

Advantages and Innovations

- The wave energy generated by this generator comes without the emission of harmful green house gases.
- The generated energy is with density typically around 30-40 kW for every meter (2.2 feet) of wave along the shore.
- Modular design allows construction of sea and ocean wave power plants from 100 kW to 5 MW
- This generator uses waves and they are hardly interrupted and almost always in motion. This makes generating electricity from wave energy a reasonable reliable energy source.
- Environmentally friendly, non-harmful, does not endanger biological species;
- No need of external source of energy;
- Produces electricity from waves and no additional power source is needed;
- Can be used as a lighted buoy or headlamp in the sea;

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The company protected the so called „useful model“ at the Bulgarian National Patent Office.

Requested partner

Companies of interest will be involved in: power generation; steel fabrication; cabling (design/manufacture/supply); anti-fouling; sub-sea engineering; offshore construction; site development; fluid mechanics.

This SME is open to discussion on cooperation on a variety of themes, and is willing to consider a number of different types of collaboration in order to find the right partners and reach the most suitable deal.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests