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Modular robotisation solutions for machine shops

Country of Origin: Belgium
Reference Number: TOBE20200525001
Publication Date: 26 May 2020


A Belgian company, expert in computer numerical control and automation, has developed a large range of modular robotisation solutions for machine shops (tables, conveyors, bin picking, ...). These solutions allow the precision engineering industry to automate and thus adapt and move towards industry 4.0.
They look for international partners under commercial agreements with technical assistance or under technical cooperation agreements in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.


With the 4th industrial revolution taking place (Industry 4.0), companies must change their means of production, if they want to remain competitive. This is the case of the precision mechanics industry, which must automate tasks that can be automated. 

It is to meet this need for automation that a Belgian company, expert in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and automation, has developed a whole series of modular robotisation solutions for machine shops, in particular the machining centers and CNC lathes.

The solutions have been developed in the form of different modules which are assembled according to the needs of the client-partner.

Among the solutions proposed are:
- robots (3 different sizes depending on the applications)
- different solutions for supplying parts (tables, bin picking system with 3D vision, drawers unit, conveyors with 2D vision, accumulation conveyors)
Through these solutions a whole series of technologies are implemented to facilitate work:
- Intuitive and tactile interface
- 2D vision system
- 3D vision/ bin picking
- Axis measuring device
- Pressure reducer
- Programmable electric clamp
- …

An advantage of these modular solutions compared to standard automation solutions is that the technologies offered can be adapted according to customer needs, products and processes. Indeed, the solutions offered can be adapted to machines already present at the client-partner, whatever the brand.

There are distributed on the Belgian and also French markets. The Belgian company now wishes to collaborate directly with its client-partner under commercial agreements with technical assistance or under technical cooperation agreement in order to provide it with concrete responses to its needs. The target countries are France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.




Advantages and Innovations

The solutions developed by the company aim to help the precision engineering industry to take part in the 4th industrial transformation (Industry 4.0) and to meet the challenge of competitiveness.

Indeed, automated production has a whole series of advantages:
- increased productivity: the automation of lathes and milling machines increases the number of hours of machining available and thus increases production capacity.
- better agility: the automation of the machine tool allows faster response to demand fluctuations
- Reduced recruitment problems: automation allows machining centers to work without human intervention. An operator is able to control several lathes and/or milling machines simultaneously while preparing the series for the night and the weekend. In addition, the motivation of the employees will increase because they will be able to devote their time to tasks with higher added value
- Lower costs: robotisation of the machining process increases the profit margin by maximizing production capacity without increasing the workforce and without new CNCs.
All solutions have been designed to adapt to the different brands of existing machine tools and therefore there is no additional investment to be made.

The main advantage of the solutions developed by the company is that they have been imagined as a series of modules which can be combined according to the real needs of the partner. This strongly differentiates it from existing standard solutions.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company having developed tailor-made solutions is looking for partners active in the precision mechanics industry (CNC lathes, machining centers), wishing to integrate automation step by step on its production lines. 
The company positions itself as an automation consultant who will design the solution according to the needs of its partner, install it, implement it and then take care of maintenance. The company aims to be a trusted partner over time. The partnership may take place either through a commercial agreement with technical assistance or within the framework of a technical cooperation agreement.

Dissemination Countries

Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests