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Innovative medical imaging solution

Country of Origin: Belgium
Reference Number: TOBE20160831001
Publication Date: 31 August 2016


An innovative Belgian company offers a scalable medical image management solution specialised in the interoperable transfer of imaging studies.
The solution comes under the form of PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) or VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) for telemedicine in a broad sense.
The company is looking to provide  licence agreements.


The company is a spin-off coming from an innovative Belgian research project carried out by a university hospital. 

The company aims at providing a simple, yet powerful standalone DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) servers. It is designed to improve the medical imaging flows in hospitals and to support research about the automated analysis of medical images so users can focus on the content of the DICOM files, hiding the complexity of the DICOM format and of the DICOM protocol.

The Belgian company is looking for any types of partners : private/academic/public, small/big.
The company can collaborate with any company under the form of a licence.

Advantages and Innovations

This innovative medical imaging solution can turn any computer running Windows, Linux or OS X into a DICOM store (in other words, a PACS system). Its architecture is lightweight and standalone, meaning that no complex database administration is required, nor the installation of third-party dependencies.

The company will help in getting started with the software very quickly as well as will help in configuring

What makes this solution unique is the fact that it provides a RESTful API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface). Thanks to this major feature, it is possible to drive it from any computer language. The DICOM tags of the stored medical images can be downloaded in the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file format. Furthermore, standard PNG (Portable Network Graphics) images can be generated on-the-fly from the DICOM instances by this innovative solution.

It also features a plugin mechanism to add new modules that extends the core capabilities of its REST API. A Web viewer, a PostgreSQL (Postgre Server Query Language) database back-end, and a reference implementation of DICOMweb are currently freely available as plugins.

Stage Of Development

Project already started

Stage Of Development Comment

The software comes under the form of an "open core", meaning there's the core of the application that does the fundamental tasks (server functionalities) and it can be extended with the following plugins:
- a certified web viewer of medical images
- storage plugins for different database technologies
- a DICOMweb transfer plugin
- an ImageJ indexation plugin

Other plugins are currently under development, including:
- whole slide digital imaging plugin for digital pathology
- a MS SQL (Microsoft Server Query Language) storage plugin

Requested partner

All types of partners are accepted: private/academic/public, small/big

The partner would typically be in a role where they are in need for technical competencies related to medical imaging
The company provides licences to use the code

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