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Universal, time and cost-saving machine for the complete testing of hydraulic parts and modules for applications in automotive, commercial vehicles, industrial manufacture

Country of Origin: Austria
Reference Number: TOAT20200709001
Publication Date: 9 July 2020


An Austrian SME offers a unique machine for the complete testing of entire hydraulic modules (e.g. gearbox control) at a large range of different temperatures. It provides lower overall costs and faster test setup than with individual solutions, simple change of test objects and a high degree of data acquisition for optimization. Developer of hydraulic components (companies, R&D), technical sales agents and manufacturers of other test systems are sought for commercial or technical cooperations.


Hydraulic parts and modules such as gearbox control play an important role in power transmission, especially in the automotive and commercial vehicle areas but also in industrial manufacturing in general. When developing new hydraulic components, extensive testing is essential for optimized and trouble-free operation in practice. Conventional systems can usually only test individual hydraulic parts (solenoid valves etc.) and not entire modules. Different technical solutions with different test setups are necessary causing   high costs and time expenditure. Further difficulties are the stable simulation of different operating temperatures over a wide temperature range (environmental testing) and leakage or wear caused by insufficient resistance of the parts installed in the test machine to oil and extreme temperatures.

The Austrian SME has developed and successfully introduced a test machine to the market which eliminates the above mentioned disadvantages. By integrating different technologies (hydraulic control, temperature conditioning, actuator control, measurement of process parameters), it enables the complete testing of entire hydraulic modules and components under different ambient or operating temperatures in one machine.

The test machine includes 1 tank for the hydraulic fluid and 3 (or more) independent hydraulic supplies (3 pumps) for a very flexible configuration of tests. All common hydraulic and transmission oils can be used. For the temperature conditioning of the hydraulic fluid a specific heat exchanger was developed and integrated into the oil tank. This results in a very high energy efficiency of the system. The hydraulic fluid and the specimens are temperature controlled with the target of stable temperature and small differences between the independent supplies to optimally simulate operation conditions. The hydraulic fluid can be temperature conditioned in a range of approx. -30°C to 130°C. This allows testing even at extreme temperatures in order to define a safety buffer for operation. All parts installed in the test machine are designed to resist oil in this temperature range (no wear or leakage).

The measurement adapter is modular designed to easily adapt between different specimens (parts or modules). It is possible to test the hydraulic components by automatic and manual test control. In the automatic test process control parameters are freely configurable to control currents of solenoid valves according to the desired test programme. Various settings for test simulations (e.g. testing the accuracy and speed of switching operations at different temperatures) can be easily made.

Current and potential application areas:
- Environmental testing of hydraulic parts and components
- Optimization of hydraulic parts and components` control characteristics
- Optimization of energy efficiency of parts and components (optimization of pump power consumption, avoidance of oversizing of pumps etc.)

The machines are already applied in the automotive sector to test gearbox control and hydraulic parts. They are also applicable for testing of hydraulic components in commercial vehicles (such as excavators) and industrial machines (mechanical processing machines etc.).

The Austrian SME is looking for R&D/Engineering departments of companies as well as research institutes in the above mentioned fields to buy the novel technology for their (product) developments. It is also interested in technical sales agents. It offers training, technical assistance for installation and operation, adaptations to specific client requirements and further development together with other manufacturers of testing systems (technical cooperation).



Advantages and Innovations

The innovation lies in the integration of different technologies in order to provide one machine for the complete testing of hydraulic parts, components and modules combined with environmental testing.

main advantages compared to existing solutions:
- Lower overall costs and faster test setup (due to better overall integration) than with individual solutions
- Simple change of different test objects
- Many functionalities integrated in one machine - high degree of data acquisition and
Know-how development of hydraulic components for optimization purposes.
- Very large adjustable temperature range (for temperature conditioning of hydraulic fluid)
- High energy efficiency by an innovative heat exchanger for the hydraulic fluid; the oil pump does not have to run for the cooling or heating process

further advantages:
- Optimization of efficiency and control characteristics of hydraulic components
- Hydraulic parts, solenoid valves: closed loop current control of solenoids, dither control

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

Already delivered to specific customers in the automotive sector

Requested partner

Specific area of activity of the Partner:

- researchers, developers and/or manufacturers of hydraulic parts (e.g. solenoid valves), components and modules (e.g. gearbox control) for applications in automotive, commercial vehicles, industrial manufacturing etc.
- technical sales agents with access to companies and R&D institutes working in the fields described above
- manufacturers of test systems and solutions for hydraulic components

The technology is especially suited for R&D/Engineering departments of companies as well as research institutes for developing, testing and optimization of hydraulic parts and modules.

Task to be performed by the Partner:

- Commercial agreement with technical assistance: partners willing to buy the novel system for their product development or research activities and/or technical sales agents; the Austrian company provides training, technical support and Know-how transfer.

- Technical cooperation agreement: the test machine can be customized according to the specific requirements of potential clients; the Austrian company is open to engage in the further development of the technology together with other manufacturers of testing devices for hydraulic parts;

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests